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      RTO Arunachal Pradesh

      Regional Transport Office or RTO Arunachal Pradesh is a government organisation that facilitates the issuance of registration certificates (RC) and driving licenses to vehicles plying in Arunachal Pradesh. Find RTO Arunachal Pradesh details and office address by simply entering your car number.

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      List of Arunachal Pradesh RTO Code

      Arunachal Pradesh has more than 24 RTOs that carry out all transport-related activities in the state. Below is an RTO Arunachal Pradesh list along with their respective RTO codes.
      RTO City RTO Code
      Itanagar AR01, AR02
      Tawang AR03
      Bomdila AR04
      Seppa AR05
      Ziro AR06
      Daporijo AR07
      Along AR08
      Pasighat AR09
      Dibang valley AR10
      Tezu AR11
      Changlang AR12
      Khonsa AR13
      Yingkiong AR14
      Kurung kumey AR15
      Roing AR16
      Lohit AR17
      Longding AR18
      Palin AR19
      Namsai AR20
      Siang AR21
      Lower siang AR22
      Pakke kessang AR24
      Leparada AR25
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      Documents Required for Permanent Registration in Arunachal Pradesh RTO

      It is necessary to get your vehicle permanently registered in Arunachal Pradesh RTO. You will need the following documents for the same:

      Sale Certificate in Form 21

      Valid insurance certificate

      Roadworthiness certificate in Form 22

      Custom's clearance certificate along with license, and bond in case of imported vehicle

      Original Sale certificate

      Pollution Under Control Certificate

      Original sales certificate from the concerned authorities in Form 21 for an ex-army vehicle

      Proof of residence

      Temporary registration, if any

      Appropriate fee as per rule 81

      Specified tax as per Arunachal Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation Act

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      How to Get a Permanent Registration Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh?

      Follow these instructions to get a permanent RC for your vehicle from RTO Arunachal Pradesh:

      Fill in the application Form 21

      If you have temporarily registered the vehicle, then apply before the temporary registration expiry date

      If the registration involves hypothecation, refer to Hypothecation

      Now confirm the type of registration number

      Confirm smart card related requirements

      Pay appropriate fees as per the Arunachal Pradesh RTO

      Pay required tax as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989

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      How to Renew Registration Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh RTO?

      To use your vehicle continuously, you must renew its registration within 60 days of its expiry date expiry date. Any motor vehicle is registered for a maximum of 15 years after which it has to be renewed. As per the rules, a motor vehicle is registered for a maximum of 15 years after which it has to be renewed. Follow these steps to renew your registration certificate in Arunachal Pradesh RTO:

      Fill the Form 25 to apply for the renewal of RC to the respective AR RTO

      Submit all the necessary documents required for renewal

      Pay required vehicle taxes if any

      Pay appropriate renewal fees as per the Central Motor Rules

      The vehicle will then be inspected at the zonal office for its roadworthiness. If found fit, the RTO will issue the registration certificate.

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      Documents Required for Registration Certificate Renewal

      Mentioned below are the documents required to get your registration certificate renewed in Arunachal Pradesh:

      Application in form 25

      Registration certificate in original.

      Copies of motor insurance certificate.

      Proof of the payment of up-to-date road tax.

      Pollution under control certificate.

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      Documents Required for Ownership Transfer

      Usually a vehicle’s ownership is transferred in three major scenarios. These include the death of the owner, theft of the vehicle, or during the normal sale of the vehicle. For transfer of ownership of a vehicle under the Arunachal Pradesh RTO, you will be required to submit the following documents:

      Registration Certificate in original

      Duly filled Form 29

      Duly filled Form 30

      Copy of valid insurance certificate

      Copy of address proof of buyer

      Valid Pollution under Control Certificate

      Copy of PAN card

      Prescribed fee.

      Tax token

      Duly filled Form 34 and Form 35 in case of hypothecated cases.

      Valid Fitness certificate (For commercial vehicles).

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      Vehicle Registration Charges in Arunachal Pradesh

      To get your vehicle registered in Arunachal Pradesh, you are required to pay vehicle registration charges as mentioned below:

      Two-wheelers: Rs. 300

      Four-wheelers: Rs. 600

      Heavy goods vehicle: Rs. 1,500

      Medium goods vehicle: Rs. 1,000

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      The registration charge for a duplicate RC would be Rs.150 for two-wheelers, Rs.300 for cars, Rs. 750 for heavy goods vehicles and Rs. 500 for medium goods vehicles.

      How to Know RC Status in Arunachal Pradesh?

      If you have applied for vehicle registration in Arunachal Pradesh and wish to know the status of your RC, you can easily do so from the Parivahan Sewa website.

      Here is how you can know the RC status in Arunachal Pradesh:

      From Privahan Sewa's official website, select the “Online Services” dropdown.

      From the dropdown, select “Vehicle Related Services” option

      Now choose “Arunachal Pradesh” as your RTO state

      Next up, select the RTO of your vehicle and Proceed

      Now select the “Know Your Application Status” option

      Enter your RC application number and Submit

      The details of your vehicle’s registration certificate will be displayed.

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      How to Check Vehicle Owner Details in Arunachal Pradesh?

      Check Vehicle Owner Details

      You can also check the vehicle owner details, insurance details and other vehicle-related details online in Arunachal Pradesh:

      Visit the official website of Parivahan Sewa

      From the “Informational Services” dropdown, select the “Know Your Vehicle Details” option

      Now login to your account or create a new account

      Enter the OTP received and click on the “Verify” button

      Once the verification is complete, the vehicle owner's and other necessary details will be displayed.

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      Arunachal Pradesh Road Tax for Different Vehicles

      As per the motor vehicle laws of Arunachal Pradesh, it is mandatory to pay road tax to drive a vehicle in Arunachal Pradesh. The table below shows the Arunachal Pradesh road tax for different types of vehicles:

      For four-wheelers:

      Vehicle price (Rs.) The one-time tax rate
      for 15 years (Rs.)
      (Calculated on the original price)
      Up to Rs 3 lakhs 2.5%
      Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 5 lakhs 2.7%
      Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs 3%
      Rs. 10 lakhs and Rs. 15 lakhs 3.5%
      Rs. 15 lakhs and Rs. 18 lakhs 4%
      Rs. 18 lakhs and Rs. 20 lakhs 4.5%
      More than Rs. 20 lakhs 6.5%

      For two-wheelers:

      The weight of the Vehicle Life Time Tax
      Under 100 Kg Rs. 2,090
      100 Kg and 135 Kg Rs. 3,090/-
      More than 135 Kg Rs. 3,590/-

      How to Pay Arunachal Pradesh Road Tax Online?

      Follow the steps mentioned below to pay road tax in Arunachal Pradesh online:

      Visit the official website of Parivahan Sewa

      From the "Online Services" dropdown, select Vehicle Related Services"

      From the list of states, select "Arunachal Pradesh"

      Select your RTO from the list and click on "Proceed."

      Now enter the vehicle reg number and other information

      Now select the "pay your tax" option

      Make payment by your preferred payment mode

      Download the payment receipt for future use.

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      Fine for Non-Payment of Arunachal Pradesh Road Tax

      Failure to pay road tax in Arunachal Pradesh will lead to heavy penalties.

      A fine of not less than Rs. 500 shall be paid for not paying the road tax. This fine may extend to up to Rs. 5,000.

      Moreover, the interest on the tax may be up to 1% from the date from which such tax was due.

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      Endorsement of Hypothecation in Arunachal Pradesh

      Endorsement of hypothecation refers to the entry of hire purchase or loan on the vehicle in the registration certificate of the vehicle. It is necessary to get an endorsement entry in your vehicle’s RC, as the vehicle belongs to the lender until dues are paid in full.

      Documents required for endorsement of hypothecation in Arunachal Pradesh include:

      Vehicle Registration certificate

      Form no.34 duly filled

      Valid vehicle insurance

      Pollution under control certificate

      Prescribed fees

      Proof of Address

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      Termination of Hypothecation in Arunachal Pradesh

      Once your hire purchase agreement is complete and you have paid your loan in full, the entry of such termination should also be made in the vehicle’s RC.

      In such situations, you take complete ownership of the vehicle, and the lender’s name is replaced with your name on the vehicle’s registration certificate.

      The documents required for the termination of hypothecation include:

      Form no. 35 in duplicate

      NOC from the financier for having retained full dues from the financier

      Original Registration certificate of the vehicle

      Copy of Driving License

      Copy of vehicle insurance policy

      Pollution Under Control Certificate

      Address Proof

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      Hypothecation Charges in Arunachal Pradesh

      The charges for hypothecation endorsement in Arunachal Pradesh are as follows:

      Motor cycle Rs. 500

      Three-wheeler/light motor vehicle 1,500

      Medium and heavy vehicles 3,000

      For hypothecation termination, you may have to pay Rs—100 as charges in Arunachal Pradesh.

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      Applying for a High-Security Number Plate in Arunachal Pradesh Online

      As per the motor laws of India, it is mandatory for every vehicle to get a High Security Number Plate affixed. These plates come with enhanced security features that make it difficult to steal the vehicle.

      Here is how you can get HSRP affixed to your vehicle in Arunachal Pradesh:

      Apply for High-Security Number Plate

      From the homepage of Book My HSRP website,

      Select the option "High-Security Registration Plate with Colour Sticker”.

      Enter the required information, such as your vehicle reg number, chassis number, name and other requested details

      Enter the captcha and proceed

      Choose a fitment location where you wish to get your number plate affixed

      Now verify rest all the provided details and make the final payment

      Once the payment is received, download the payment receipt for future reference.

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      Checking the Status Of HSRP in Arunachal Pradesh Online

      Follow these steps to check the status of HSRP online in Arunachal Pradesh:

      Visit the official website Book My HSRP

      From the homepage, click on the Track Your Order” option

      On the next page, enter your order number and vehicle registration number and input the captcha

      Click on “Search” option

      The status of your HSRP in Arunachal Pradesh will be displayed.

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      Challan for Driving Without Car Insurance in Arunachal Pradesh

      The Indian motor laws have made it mandatory for every car owner to have a valid car insurance policy to drive in Arunachal Pradesh. Driving an uninsured vehicle can attract heavy fines. Moreover, with a valid motor insurance policy, a car owner can cover his four-wheeler from third-party liabilities and unforeseen damages and losses. The traffic fine for driving without insurance in Arunachal Pradesh is:

      Without insurance fine for four-wheeler

      First offence: Rs. 2,000

      Subsequent offence: Rs. 4,000

      How to Buy Vehicle Insurance in Arunachal Pradesh?

      If you own a motor vehicle in Arunachal Pradesh, you must own a motor insurance policy to legally ply on the roads. There are two major types of motor insurance policies offered in India, third party and comprehensive insurance. While the first one is compulsary to purchase, the later is recommended for its wider coverage.

      If you are planning to purchase a car in Arunachal Pradesh, here is how you can purchase a car insurance online for the same:

      Visit the homepage of and select ‘Car Insurance’ tab

      On the given form, enter your car number and proceed

      From the list of RTOs, select your RTO

      Now select your ca’s details and registration year

      From the given car insurance plans, choose the desired policy and add-ons

      Select NCB reward, claim details, and

      Pay the premium amount online,

      After successful payment, the car policy copy will be sent to your registered email address.

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      Frequently asked question about RTO

      You can know the premium of your car insurance before purchasing a policy by using a Car Insurance Premium Calculator. This online tool will help you ascertain insurance premium before purchasing a policy.

      You can get an exhaustive list of all the RTOs with their respective codes on

      Yes, you can renew your car insurance policy online in just 5 minutes from Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited.

      To change address in your vehicle’s RC, follow these below-mentioned steps:

      • Apply for the change in address by filling in the Form 33
      • Submit this form in the respective RTO
      • Submit the required documents such as registration certificate, PUC, NOC, insurance certificate and proof of address
      • Pay the specified fees as per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989

      Yes, you will need the following documents to raise a four-wheeler insurance claim:

      • Car insurance policy document
      • Copy of Police FIR
      • Copy of Registration certificate
      • Duly filled claim form
      • Repair bills and estimates of repair

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      #Rs 2094/- per annum is the price for third-party motor insurance for private cars (non-commercial) of not more than 1000cc

      *Savings are based on the comparison between the highest and the lowest premium for own damage cover (excluding add-on covers) provided by different insurance companies for the same vehicle with the same IDV and same NCB. Actual time for transaction may vary subject to additional data requirements and operational processes.

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