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Regional Transport Office or RTO Meghalaya is a government organisation that facilitates the issuance of registration certificates (RC) and driving licenses to vehicles plying in Meghalaya. Find RTO Meghalaya details and office address by simply entering your car number.

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List of Meghalaya RTO Code

Meghalaya has more than 14 RTOs that carry out all transport-related activities in the state. Below is an RTO Meghalaya list along with their respective RTO codes.
RTO City RTO Code
Shillong ML01, ML02, ML03, ML10
Jaintia hills ML04
East khasi hills ML05
West khasi hills ML06
East garo hills ML07
West garo hills ML08
South garo hills ML09
Kliehriat ML11
South west khasi hills ML12
Resubelpara ML13
South west garo hills ML14
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Documents Required for Permanent Registration in Meghalaya RTO

It is compulsory to obtain a permanent RC before the expiry of the temporary registration certificate. Usually, a temporary RC is valid for only 1 month, thus one must apply for a permanent RC within 7 days of the expiry of the temporary registration certificate. Here are the documents you will need for the same:

Form 20: Duly filled up

Form 21: (Sale Certificate)

Form 22: Roadworthiness certificate

Form 34: Duly signed by the owner and the Financer

Address Proof

Valid Insurance Certificate

Temporary Registration from the dealer

Fee and Tax for the vehicle.

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How to Get a Permanent Registration Certificate in Meghalaya?

Follow these steps to get permanent RC in Meghalaya RTO:

Visit the nearest RTO centre and submit duly filled Form 20

Refer to hypothecation if your vehicle was purchased on load

Confirm the registration number type (general or fancy)

Submit the rest of the forms and documents

Pay appropriate fees as per the Meghalaya RTO

Pay required tax as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989

Vehicle is then to be produced before the registering authority for inspection by the Motor Vehicle Inspector after which a permanent registration number will be issued.

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How to Renew Registration Certificate in Meghalaya RTO?

A vehicle registration certificate is valid for 15 years after which it is compulsory to get it renewed for continuous use. Thus, make sure to apply for renewal of your permanent RC 60 days before the expiry date. Here is how you can renew your RC in Meghalaya RTO:

To apply for certificate renewal, fill in Form 25 and submit it to your nearest RTO

Submit other required documents and their copies

Pay the required vehicle taxes to the concerned authorities

Pay prescribed renewal fees

The vehicle will be inspected by the concerned registering authorities after which a new registration certificate will be issued by the department.

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Documents Required for Registration Certificate Renewal

Submit the following documents at the Meghalaya RTO to renew your RC:

Duly filled up Form 25

Original Registration Certificate

Valid Insurance Certificate

Pollution Under Control Certificate

Re-registration Fee is to be paid and receipt for the same will be given

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Documents Required for Ownership Transfer

The ownership of a vehicle’s RC can be transferred in case the owner of the vehicle dies or when the vehicle is sold in a normal sale or a public auction. In such scenarios, it is compulsory to transfer ownership of the vehicle to avoid any legal complications. Mentioned below are the documents required for such transfer:

Form 29- in case of normal sale

Form 30- normal sale

Form 31 - In case of death of the vehicle owner

Form 32 – In case of public auction

Legal heir certificate (death)

Affidavit from other legal heirs (death)

Valid insurance certificate

Registration Certificate

Address proof

PAN card

Photograph of the applicant (passport size as well)

The certificate or order confirming the sale of the vehicle (public auction)

Pencil traced “Chassis and Engine Number”

N.O.C. from the financer if the vehicle is under Hypothecation

Form 28 which is the N.O.C. for a vehicle coming from other states.

Transfer fees

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It is mandatory for every vehicle owner in Meghalaya to own a valid motor insurance policy to drive legally in Meghalaya.

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Frequently asked question about RTO

Yes, you can know the details of your Registration certificate online from the official website of Meghalaya Transport or from the Parivahan portal.

Following is the list of documents you will need to change your address in your vehicle’s RC:

  • Form 33 duly filled up
  • Registration Certificate
  • Valid address proof
  • N.O.C. from the financer if the vehicle is hypothecated
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Valid tax payment proof
  • Fee of Rs. 50/- is to be duly paid

There are a total of 14 RTOs in Meghalaya carrying RTO-related activities in the state.

You will be required to submit the following documents to the concerned RTO for the addition of hypothecation in your RC:

  • Form 34 duly filled up
  • Registration Certificate
  • Valid insurance Certificate
  • H.P.A. (Hypothecation Addition) fee of Rs.100/-

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