RTO Maharashtra

The Regional Transport Department of Maharashtra was founded under the provision of Section 213 (1) of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The act is the central authority in terms of laws applicable to vehicles in India. RTO Maharashtra imposes these laws accordingly under the supervision of Commissioner of Transport of Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, there are 50 RTOs. Deputy Regional Transport Officer supervises his respective district RTOs. These RTOs are responsible for providing licenses and registrations.

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Maharashtra RTO List

The state of Maharashtra has a handful of RTOs actively operational in different areas within the state. Currently, there are 50 functional offices under the league of RTO Maharashtra. The detailed list is given below:

RTO Name RTO Code RTO Name RTO Code
RTO Mumbai (Central) MH 01 RTO Nanded MH26
RTO Mumbai (West) MH 02 RTO Amravati MH27
RTO Mumbai (East) MH 03 RTO Buldhana MH28
RTO Thane MH 04 RTO Yavatmal MH29
RTO Kalyan MH 05 RTO Akola MH30
RTO Pen - Raigad MH 06 RTO Nagpur(Urban) MH31
RTO Sindhudurg MH 07 RTO Wardha MH32
RTO Ratnagiri MH 08 RTO Gadchiroli MH33
RTO Kolhapur MH 09 RTO Chandrapur MH34
RTO Sangli MH 10 RTO Gondia MH35
RTO Satara MH 11 RTO Bhandara MH36
RTO Pune MH12 RTO Washim MH37
RTO Solapur MH13 RTO Hingoli MH38
RTO Pimpri MH14 RTO Nandurbar MH39
RTO Nashik MH15 RTO Nagpur (Rural) MH40
RTO Ahmednagar MH16 RTO Malegaon MH41
RTO Shrirampur MH17 RTO Baramati MH42
RTO Dhule MH18 RTO Vashi - Navi Mumbai MH43
RTO Jalgaon MH19 RTO Ambajogai MH44
RTO Aurangabad MH20 RTO Akluj MH45
RTO Jalna MH21 RTO Panvel MH46
RTO Parbhani MH22 RTO Borivali MH47
RTO Beed MH23 RTO Vasai MH48
RTO Latur MH24 RTO Nagpur (EAST) MH49
RTO Osmanabad MH25 RTO Karad MH50

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Types of Vehicle Registration in Maharashtra

Every state law requires the vehicle owners to register their vehicle with concerned RTOs. No exception for Maharashtra. Maharashtra RTO is responsible for registering every vehicle plying on the roads of the state. There are two types of vehicle registration process:

Temporary Registration: It is offered for a limited time at the time of buying a vehicle. This registration is required if a vehicle is purchased from a dealer’s showroom. This registration is valid for only 7 days. However, the owner can extend it further. The vehicle owner can make an application for temporary registration to the concerned RTO and avail the RC.

Permanent Registration: As per the rules of Vehicle Act of India, a two-wheeler or four-wheeler must be registered within 7 days after its delivery. A person can’t drive an unregistered vehicle. As per the rule, a dealer can’t deliver an unregistered vehicle, it provides a temporary RC to the owner for a period of 7 days. It implies the owner to apply for a permanent registration with the concerned RTO of his/her location. The owner needs to fill an application form with relevant documents.

How to Register a Vehicle at Maharashtra RTO

To drive a vehicle legally and to avoid penalties in Maharashtra, the owner has to register his/her vehicle with Maharashtra RTO. MH RTO was founded to bring into effect the provisions under the M.V. Act, which urge every vehicle owner to avail temporary/permanent registration card before plying a vehicle on the road. An RC can be availed by providing below documents along with an application. Maharashtra RTO vehicle registration details can also be availed online by registering on the official website of Maharashtra RTO.

Documents Required for Register a Vehicle in Maharashtra

One needs to furnish the below documents to get his/her vehicle registered with Maharashtra RTO:

  • Form 20/vehicle registration application form
  • Form 21/sales certificate obtained from the dealer
  • Form 22/roadworthiness of the vehicle obtained from the manufacturer stating that the vehicle is in the compliance with the standards of Indian roads
  • Form 34/for loan hypothecation
  • Invoice form the dealer
  • Insurance document
  • Address proof of the owner
  • Valid identity proof
  • Invoice if the vehicle is imported
  • STA approval of design in case of trailer vehicles
  • Manufacture’s certificate to register a carriage
  • Temporary RC number, if any
  • In case a vehicle is purchased in Maharashtra and registered in another state, sales tax clearance certificate is needed
  • DD of paid road tax
  • Passport sized recent photographs
  • Applicable vehicle registration fee

Vehicle Registration Process in Maharashtra

  1. To complete the registration process, one has to visit the Maharashtra RTO along with the aforementioned documents
  2. Submit the documents along with the required fee
  3. The same will be verified by the registering authority in Maharashtra, on basis of which a registration number will be provided
  4. Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department provide the facility of availing Maharashtra RTO registration numbers for the vehicles online as well. One will have to log on to the official website at maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home and apply accordingly

RTO Maharashtra Permanent Registration Process

As we already have mentioned, a purchased vehicle must be registered within 7 days, apart from the days allotted with a temporary RC. One will require the below documents to own a permanent registration in Maharashtra:

  • Form 20
  • Form 21/sale certificate by the dealer
  • Form 22 and 22-A from the manufacturer/for vehicle worthiness
  • Vehicle invoice
  • Temporary registration
  • Insurance documents of the vehicle
  • Address proof
  • Bill customs in case of an imported vehicle
  • STA approval in case of trailer vehicles
  • Manufacturer’s certificate for registering a carriage
  • Paid road tax receipt if the vehicle is bought from another state

How to Renew Registration Certificate

To drive a vehicle freely on the roads of Maharashtra, one must carry a valid registration card. All private vehicles are to be re-registered after a tenure of 15 years for every 5 years, from its first registration to maintain its worth in roads. The below documents are required for re-registration or renewal of a vehicle with RTO Maharashtra:

Documents Required

  • Duly filled From no. 25
  • Registration Certificate in original
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Valid Insurance document of the vehicle
  • Applicable Re-registration fee
  • The vehicle needs to be produced of inspection to the RTO Maharashtra
  • Upon verification of every document, RTO Maharashtra will issue the new Registration Certificate

Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle in Maharashtra

In case a vehicle is purchased from another state, it needs to be registered with Maharashtra RTO. In order to avail the registration card, Form 20 and form 21 are required to be submitted along with other documents like:

  • Form 33 in case of an address change
  • Form 29 and 30 to transfer the ownership of the vehicle
  • Form AT and FT
  • Form 28/No Objection Certificate from the finance in case of a loan
  • In case of a commercial vehicle, Form TCR and TCA are required
  • Affidavit stating that the vehicle is not involved in any accident previously, crime or theft
  • The applicant has to provide an affidavit stating that the vehicle is free from any crime, accident or theft.
  • The owner of the vehicle has to also produce all the documents related to the vehicle as well.

Duplicate RC

The registration card is an essential element to carry whenever and wherever one rides his/her car or bike. A vehicle registration card contains the below details:

  • Registration Number
  • Date of registration
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Type of the vehicle
  • Seating Capacity of the vehicle
  • Model Number
  • Colour of the vehicle

That’s why one can’t fool a cop or afford driving without a valid RC. But, what if one has lost the registration card or it is worn out. Applying for a duplicate RC is the solution.

Maharashtra RTO issues duplicate RC in case the original one is lost or totally damaged. The vehicle owner must provide the required documents along with an application form. The information required are vehicle registration number, model, name and address of the owner, chassic number of the vehicle, engine no. etc. Moreover, one can also download RTO Maharashtra app and avail the online services on mobile as well.

Process and Documentation

The process of issuing duplicate RC involves:

  1. The owner will be issued with a challan saying ‘RC is Lost’
  2. Form 26 needs to be downloaded and filled from the official website of RTO Maharashtra
  3. NOC from the financer in case the vehicle is purchased on loan
  4. Photocopy of vehicle insurance document
  5. Driving test paper
  6. Copy of driving license
  7. Triplicate copy Form 26 with the endorsement of registering authority
  8. The owner needs to submit all the documents at RTO Maharashtra
  9. An applicable fee will also need to pay to avail duplicate RC

How to Update Address on Registration Certificate

Maharashtra being the hub for migrants from all over the country in search for a better career. The state offers the most lucrative standard of living. More luxury means more vehicles on the roads and this increases the number of the total registered vehicle in Maharashtra from 3,07,030 as on 31st March 1971 to 2,78,69,866 as on 31st March 2016. When it is compulsory to register a vehicle with RTO Maharashtra, driving a vehicle with a valid insurance is equally important. Even, Motor Vehicles Act 1988, makes it mandatory for all get their vehicle insured with.

Usually, motor insurance is of two types-

  • Third Party Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance

 Under the provision of Section 146. M.V. Act 1988, Third Party insurance is mandatory in India. This policy covers the vehicle owner against a legal liability arises out of an accidental death, bodily injury or property damage to a third-party. It bears the expenses on the insured person, claimed by a third-party. The policy can be claimed if the accident results in loss of income due to physical disfigurement.

On the other hand, Comprehensive Insurance is an optional cover and more extensive in nature. It covers own damage along with the third party liability. With a comprehensive cover, the vehicle insurer can protect the two-wheeler or four-wheeler against damages caused by manmade or natural disasters.

It is easy to avail motor insurance in Maharashtra. When plenty of insurance providers have come up with exciting and innovative plan options, it is quite difficult to zero on a right plan. But online comparison has made it easy for the four wheeler insurance seeker to buy an adequate plan. When in Maharashtra, one can visit an aggregator website to compare various plans, basis on the coverage offered, claim settlement ration, premium etc. These websites compare the plans and suggest the best suitable options as per the insurance requirement of the buyers. This way one can make an informed insurance decision.

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RTO Maharashtra FAQs

How can I get learner’s license in Maharashtra?

You can avail learner’s license in Maharashtra either online or offline. Just visit the official website of respective RTO in Maharashtra, fill the application form and submit along with the relevant documents at the RTO Maharashtra. You can also download the application form online, fill it and submit at the respective RTO in Maharashtra to avail the license.

How many RTOs are there in Maharashtra?

There are 50 RTOs in Maharashtra.

How to register a new vehicle in Maharashtra?

RTO Maharashtra is the concerned authority who registers vehicles in Maharashtra. Be it private or commercial, one has to register it before plying on the roads of Maharashtra. In this regard, an application form needs to be filled along with certain documents such as For 20, 21, 22, 34, Insurance document, address proof of the vehicle, temporary registration card, ID proof, NOC from the financer in case the vehicle is bought on loan etc. for complete list, one can refer the website of respective RTO. Upon verification and physical inspection of the vehicle, the concerned RTO in Maharashtra will allot a computerised registration number. The registration card can be availed as a smart card which contains the details like:

  1. Registration Number
  2. Date of registration
  3. Engine Number
  4. Chassis Number
  5. Type of the vehicle
  6. Seating Capacity of the vehicle
  7. Model Number
  8. Colour of the vehicle

What are the forms required to register a vehicle in Maharashtra?

The forms required to register a vehicle in Maharashtra include:

  1. Form 20
  2. Form 21
  3. Form 22
  4. Form 22-A
  5. Form 26
  6. Form 28
  7. Form 29
  8. Form 30

How can I avail a fancy number in Maharashtra?

To avail a fancy number for your vehicle in Maharashtra-

  1. An application can be made as per the provision of Motor Vehicles Act 1988 to respective RTO during the official hours
  2. Once the registering authority grants a special number, the applicant has to pay the prescribed fee for the same between 10 a.m. to30 p.m.
  3. If there is more than one application for a specific number, the same will be allotted via an auction
  4. One can reserve the fancy number for a period of 30 days, within which the registration process should be initiated
  5. The application for obtaining a fancy number has to be filed in a plain paper to the clerk at the concerned RTO in Maharashtra, for non-transport series
  6. Finally, the RTO allots the registration number