Hyundai I20 Active Car Insurance

Hyundai i20 Active is launched by Hyundai car manufacturer of South Korea. Hyundai i20 Active is a compact SUV launched to target the middle economy population. Hyundai i20 active is model between Hyundai i10 and Hyundai i30 in terms of features and prices. Hyundai i20 has designed keeping in mid all the safety measures, to give a safe driving experience. Safety measure like: center locking, seat belts, air bags etc.


Hyundai i20 Active is funky and yet useful beauty which is designed to be part of active lifestyle, right from the day to day scheduled life to the adventures trips. Front of car has hexagonal grille with chrome surround lends and a bold image of i20 active. Air in-takers right below the grille. The bonnet has rear lamps either side for clear visibility in night and risky climate circumstances. Ground clearance of the Hyundai i20 active is quite high which makes it great vehicle to be driven on the rocky routes. The broad wheelbase and great suspension of the Hyundai i20 absorbs all the jerks of the rough terrain and gives a smooth driving experience.


Hyundai i20 Active is a four seater car with plenty of leg space. The seats have adjustable back rest and headrest to adjust the seat dynamics of the seat according to the passenger’s comfort. Personalize the interiors of the car by the choice of your own color. Hyundai i20 Active has been launched with selective interior color options (solid and dual tone). Reverse parking sensors available to make parking a lot easier than before. Great quality touch screen on the dashboard facilitate the driver to use GPS and view of rear camera at the time of driving. Power steering with multiple features like calls control, volume control and music control.

Power and performance

Hyundai i20 active has 1.2 Kappa petrol engine which generates great power of 83 PS. The great suspensions of the car absorbs all the jerks of the jarring land to give utmost relaxed driving experience


Maximum Power: 82 bhp

Gearbox: Six-speed manual gearbox

What to Opt

Insurance companies launch variety of insurance plans to cover the risk of the insured asset or life under certain terms and conditions, against a fixed scheduled monetary installment. This business is booming majorly as everyone want to cover the expenses at the time of emergency. The government also made it is a legal obligation to insure the vehicle and safeguard you from the monetary loss.

Comprehensive insurance plan: Insurance companies launch insurance plan which cover the financial jerk of the insured vehicle and the third party property damage also.