RTO Aurangabad

The RTO Aurangabad was established under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It is the central act when it comes to various laws and order related to the Indian Transport System. The RTOs of various states and cities work in accordance with the M.V Act and strive for implementing these laws effectively. The RTO Aurangabad is supervised by the Commissioner of Transport Department. The department works towards making the transpiration facilities easily available to the common people.

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Functions of Aurangabad RTO

Among the various functions of RTO Aurangabad:

  • Issuing learner’s license
  • Issuing permanent driving license
  • Renewal of license
  • Conducting driving test
  • Issuing temporary registration card
  • Issuing permanent registration card
  • Renewal of registration card
  • Transferring ownership of RC
  • Issuing duplicate RC
  • Updating new address in RC
  • Issuance of license for radio cabs
  • Issuing national permits
  • Specific State wise permit for Carriage Service
  • National permit for public carrier
  • All India Tourist Vehicle Permit
  • Temporary permit
  • Collecting road taxes
  • Collecting other penalties

List of RTO Aurangabad

RTO Name Address RTO Code Contact Details
Aurangabad Regional Transport Officer, Near Railway station, Aurangabad - 431 001 MH-20 0240‐2331135/0240‐ 2321164

Types of Vehicle Registration in Aurangabad

As per the state transport law, every vehicle plying on the roads of Aurangabad has to be registered with RTO Aurangabad. There are two types of registration process to be followed in Aurangabad.

Temporary Registration: Temporary registration can be availed at the dealer’s point while purchasing a vehicle. The application formalities is completed by the dealer itself, starting from collecting the documents to sending these to the concerned RTO office for approval. The temporary registration is valid for a limited period, therefore the vehicle owner has to apply for a permanent registration certificate.

Permanent Registration: Motor Vehicle Act urges every vehicle owner to register its vehicle within 7 days after availing the temporary RC. Though one can extend the limit of temporary RC but not more than for one month. To avail a permanent registration certificate an application shall be made on the prescribed form and be submitted along with the relevant documents. The Registering Authority will verify the documents and after a proper inspection of the vehicle, will allot the registration number.

How to Register a Vehicle at RTO Aurangabad

It is illegal to drive a vehicle without a valid registration certificate. By saying that, registration of every vehicle is mandatory in India. The process of registration can be initiated by approaching RTO Aurangabad. An application shall be made and submit along with the required documents such as:

Documents Required

The vehicle owner needs to furnish the below documents to get his/her vehicle registered with RTO Aurangabad:

  1. Form 20/registration application form
  2. Form 21/sales certificate
  3. Form 22/roadworthiness certificate from the manufacturer confirming that the vehicle is in compliance with the terms of road safety and worthiness
  4. Form 34/in case the vehicle is purchased on loan
  5. Invoice form the dealer
  6. Valid identity proof
  7. Vehicle Insurance document
  8. Address proof of the owner
  9. Invoice if the vehicle is imported
  10. Owner of a trailer vehicle is required to furnish STA approval on design
  11. Manufacture’s certificate to register a carriage
  12. Temporary RC number, if any
  13. Sale tax clearance proof if the vehicle is registered in a state other than Maharashtra
  14. Proof of paid road tax
  15. Passport sized current photographs of the owner
  16. Registration fee

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Aurangabad?

Every registration certificate needs a timely renewal one it is expired. Usually, RC is valid for 15 years only. Once the registration card is expired, the vehicle owner is no more authorised to use this card. If he/she is caught driving a vehicle without a valid RC, there is no way out but paying a huge penalty. So, timely renewal of RC is essential to avoid those unnecessary fines. To renew an RC, an application should be made by approaching the RTO Aurangabad. A vehicle inspection will be done at RTO point and after verifying everything, the concerned officer will renew the RC.

Documents Required

  1. Duly filled From no. 25
  2. Registration Certificate in original
  3. Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  4. Valid Insurance document of the vehicle
  5. Re-registration fee

Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle in Aurangabad

When a vehicle is bought from another state or is sold, the ownership has to be transferred to the new owner. The Transfer of RC can be done by approaching RTO Aurangabad by filling an application and submit along with the below documents:

  • Form 33 for address change
  • Form 29 and 30 transfer of ownership application
  • Form AT and FT
  • Form 28/NOC from the financer in case of loan hypothecation
  • If it is a commercial vehicle, Form TCR/TCA is required
  • An affidavit from the previous owner confirming about the history of the vehicle

Availing Duplicate RC in Aurangabad

Registration card is the most essential element that one has to carry whenever he/she drives. The RC contains the information such as

  • Registration Number
  • Date of registration
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Type of the vehicle
  • Seating Capacity of the vehicle
  • Model Number
  • Colour of the vehicle

Hereby it is impossible to fool a cop if someone is carrying an expired card or driving without it. That’s why, if the original RC is lost or worn out, a duplicate RC can be availed by applying on an application and submit to the RTO Aurangabad.

Process and Documentation

In order to issue duplicate RC in Aurangabad:

  1. The owner will require to download the Form 26 from the official website of Maharashtra Transport Department, fill and submit.
  2. A challan quoted with “RC is Lost” will be issued to the owner
  3. In case of loan hypothecation, NOC from the financer will be needed
  4. Photocopy of vehicle insurance document
  5. Driving test paper
  6. Copy of driving license
  7. Triplicate copy Form 26 with the endorsement of registering authority

All the relevant documents are to be submitted to RTO Aurangabad along with the application fee. Upon verification of everything, the Registering Authority will allot duplicate RC.

How to Update Address on Registration Certificate?

If vehicle owner wishes to update a new address in the registration certificate, the same can be initiated by applying with an application and submit along with the below documents:

  • Form 33/application form
  • Registration Certificate
  • Valid insurance document
  • Address proof of the owner
  • O.C. from the financer if the vehicle is under H.P.A.
  • Valid tax payment proof
  • Applicable fee

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Aurangabad?

Vehicle insurance is a mandatory buy that offers complete protection to the insured vehicle against unforeseen circumstances. it is as important as registering a vehicle. Availing vehicle insurance in Aurangabad involves approaching the insurer either online or offline. If one goes with the online process he/she will require visiting the websites of insurance companies actively functioning in the city, check the plans decide the premium and buy. However, before buying randomly one must compare the plans online. There are aggregator websites as well who helps the insurance seekers to compare various plans. If not, one can visit the branch offices of the insurers and buy a plan.

Usually, there are two types of motor insurance, Third party and Comprehensive insurance. When third party insurance is mandatory, Comprehensive insurance is optional. One can either buy it or ignore as per the requirement. If the vehicle is more than 5 years old, it is better if one sticks to third party insurance only. On the other hand, if it is a luxury car or bike that demands more maintenance, opting for comprehensive insurance would be the right decision. One can opt for add-on coverage also to enhance the basic policy cover, such s Zero Depreciation cover, Road-side Assistance cover, NCB Protector etc.