RTO Chandigarh

The Regional Transport Office or RTO Chandigarh was established under section 213(1) of Motor vehicles act, 1988. The department is assigned with the responsibility of carrying forward the provisions of the M.V Act and making the transportation services available efficiently to the common masses. The core responsibility is to put into practice the rules laid down under M.V Act 1988, Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1990 and Chandigarh Motor Vehicle Rules, 1990.

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Functions of RTO Chandigarh

A few out of the many responsibilities that are performed by RTO Chandigarh:

  • Issuing Learner’s License
  • Issuing Permanent License
  • Renewal of DL
  • Issuing Duplicate License
  • Registering the vehicle
  • Issuing temporary and permanent RC
  • Renewal of RC
  • Re-registration of RC in case of inter-state purchase
  • Accepting request for transfer of ownership
  • Issuing duplicate RC
  • International Driving Permit
  • Issuing license for new conductor
  • Renewal of Conductor’s License

RTO Chandigarh Details

There are 3 RTO offices in Chandigarh that are actively functioning. The details are as mentioned below:

RTO Name RTO Address
RTO Chandigarh Registering & Licensing Authority, near Municipal Corporation, Sector 17, Chandigarh
RTO Chandigarh SDM (East) Office, CTU Complex, Industrial Area, Phase-I, Chandigarh
RTO Chandigarh SDM (South) Office, Sports Complex, Sector 42, Chandigarh

How to Register a Vehicle with RTO Chandigarh?

In order to freely drive a car or bike on the roads of Chandigarh, one has to register his/her vehicle without a fail. Registering a vehicle with RTO Chandigarh is simple. Just get the vehicle inspected by the concerned RTO officer, file an application and submit along with the supporting documents. The Registering Authority will allot the registration number after verifying the documents, on a specified date. The original registration certificate will be delivered to the registered mailing address of the owner.

Documents Required for Registering a vehicle with RTO Chandigarh

  • Form No. 20/application for registration
  • Form No. 21/Sales Certificate from the dealer
  • Form No. 22/Pollution Certificate issued by the dealer
  • Form No. 34/required in case of loan hypothecation
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Form No. 60, in case there is no PAN Card
  • Temporary Registration Certificate
  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print
  • Copy of valid insurance document
  • Copy of Address proof
  • Address Proof if required
  • Copy of DOB of the applicant
  • Invoice (obtained from the dealer
  • Undertaking for Delayed Registration in case there is a delay in applying for RC or taking more than 1 month to apply
  • NCRB/MOB Report from Police Headquarters, Sector 9, Chandigarh in case is being registered after 3 months of availing temporary RC
  • Authorization, if required
  • Authority Letter if applicable

Renewal of RC in Chandigarh

A registration certificate is valid for 15 years in case of private vehicles. The vehicle owner must re-register the vehicle before the RC expires. The owner can renew the RC for another 5 years and needs to repeat t the process whenever is required. In case of commercial vehicle owners are required to avail fitness certificate when the first registration expires.

  • Form No. 20/registration application
  • Form No. 25 /renewal of RC application
  • Fitness Certificate if it is a commercial vehicle
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Old Registration Certificate Report (In case of old/ laminated RC
  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print
  • Copy of valid Insurance Certificate
  • Address proof of the owner
  • Signature Identification of owner
  • Authorisation, if required
  • Form No. 33
  • Authority Letter if applicable

Issuing Duplicate RC in Chandigarh

If the original RC document is lost or worn out, the owner needs to avail a duplicate one right away to avoid penalties on roads. In order to avail a duplicate registration certificate, the vehicle owner can apply through RTO Chandigarh. He/s will have to file an application and submit along with the relevant documents. The various documents to be submitted are:

  • Form No. 26/application for issuing duplicate RC
  • A stamp duly signed is required in case the vehicle is bought on loan
  • Police Report/ DDR in case of loss
  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print (Plate prints not acceptable)
  • Copy of valid Insurance Certificate
  • Self-attested undertaking of the owner along with the latest photographs
  • Old Registration Certificate Report (In case of old/ laminated RC
  • Signature Identification of owner
  • Authorization, wherever is applicable
  • Form No. 33, if required
  • Authority letter, if required

Transfer of Ownership within the State

If the vehicle is bought within the state but from another city, the ownership has to be transferred to the new owner by applying in a form and submit to the RTO Chandigarh along with the required documents:

  • Form No. 29/application for transferring the ownership
  • Copy of PAN card (both seller and buyer)
  • Form No. 60 PDF in case there is n o PAN Card
  • Undertakings form both the parties along with latest photographs
  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print
  • Valid insurance document, duly self-attested
  • Self-attested copy of buyer’s address proof
  • Date of Birth Proof of the applicant
  • Signature Identification of seller
  • Authorization, in case of Proprietorship/ Private Limited/ Limited/ Partnership Firms
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Old Registration Certificate Report, if applicable
  • Authority Letter

Transfer of Ownership in case of Death

If the first owner of the vehicle dies, the transfer of ownership of RC needs to be transferred to the person who is going to use the vehicle. To initiate the process an application shall make in Form 31 and submit along with the relevant documents:

  • Form No. 31/application for transferring the RC
    Self-attested copy of PAN Card of the successor
  • Form No. 60 PDF if the person doesn’t own a PAN Card
  • Copy of Death certificate
  • Declaration by Applicant attested by Executive Magistrate
  • Declaration by all other Legal Heirs of the deceased
  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print
  • Copy of valid Insurance Certificate, duly self-attested
  • Duly-self attested address proof of the applicant
  • Copy of applicant’s Date of Birth Proof, duly self-attested
  • Signature Identification of Seller
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Old Registration Certificate Report (In case of old/ laminated Registration Certificate, from the concerned counter)
  • Authority Letter

How to Avail Vehicle Insurance in Chandigarh?

The state capital of Punjab and Haryana is known as one of the cleanest city in India. When it comes to vehicle population, it is lesser than the other neighbouring cities of Punjab and Haryana. The Transport Department of Chandigarh operates as per the rules of M.V Act 1988. As one of the standard rules of Motor Vehicles Act, insuring every vehicle driving on the roads of Chandigarh is mandatory. The owner at least has to own third party insurance that protects the insured from liability arises out of damages, injury or death of a third person when the insured vehicle is at fault. When availing third party insurance is the minimum requirement, by owning comprehensive insurance, one can provide the best protection to its vehicle, by covering against the damages caused by man-made or natural disasters. There are plenty of insurance companies actively function in the city. However, whether one buys third party insurance or comprehensive insurance with add-on covers; an online comparison of various plans is always recommended by the insurance experts.

Chandigarh RTO FAQ's

I have applied for a driving license in Chandigarh. How can I check the status of it?

You can know about DL status online in Chandigarh through sarathi.nic.in. You will have to select the state for which application has been submitted. You will be asked to click on a URL which will redirect you to the online portal of availing the services. Select the state again to avail services. Your status of DL will be displayed after submitting the required information.

In case of registration of a new vehicle, where do I have to bring the vehicle for inspection?

The vehicle's inspection will be conducted by the Motor Vehicle Inspector at the below location: SDM (South) Office, Sports Complex, Sector 42, Chandigarh- 1 AM to 11 PM (Monday to Friday).

How to get the vehicle registered after the expiry of a temporary number?

If a vehicle is not registered permanently even after the expiry of temporary registration, an undertaking is required in case of one month delay. If the delay is more than one months or so, an NCRB/MOB Report obtained from the concerned Police Station is required.

Is it essential to be present at the time of every transaction of vehicle-related to registration?

Yes, you’ll have to personally present while doing any formality related to vehicle registration.

What if I can’t come? Is there any provision that someone else can come on my behalf?

If you couldn’t be able to make it you can handover an Authority Letter to someone of your known to complete the formalities starting form depositing the form or other documents to paying the fee. In any case, the Authority Letter signed by you is essential to initiate the process with RTO without your presence.

Is it ok if I keep only the photocopies of the registration certificate or other related documents?

You should always keep the original documents with you while driving. You can be fined for not carrying the original certificates with you.

From whom should I get the Insurance Policy?

You can take vehicle insurance from any of the authorised Indian insurance providers, who can provide necessary financial needs in case of an emergency. Having insurance is essential to register your prized possession.

Can I transfer the vehicle along with Hypothecation Termination?

No. the hypothecation must be cancelled before transferring the RC.

What is the essential requirement in case of vehicle transfer to another state?

To initiate the vehicle transfer the seller will have to collect a NOC from the concerned RTO.

How safe is the transaction of registration certificate in case of vehicle theft?

If a registered vehicle is stolen, the owner can request to lock the registration record in the system, to avoid the fraud of RC transfer. The RTO authority will immediately lock the related details and this way your RC details are safe.

What if I don’t possess any proof of address in Chandigarh?

Address proof of Chandigarh or Uttarakhand state is mandatory to register a vehicle.

What to do if I don’t have any DOB proof?

Applicants who don’t have a date of birth proof, let’s say those who don’t possess an education certificate from school, a confirmation on age will be required from Medical Officer of any government hospital/ dispensary.