RTO Jharkhand

RTO Jharkhand was founded under the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act to implement the rules and laws laid down in the act. The department works actively under the supervision of Transport Commissioner. The main objective of the department is to ensure successful enforcement of the laws and making the transport facilities easily available to the common people.

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Functions of RTO Jharkhand

  • Issue Learner license
  • Conduct Driving Test
  • Issue New Driving License
  • License renewal
  • Issue Duplicate driving license
  • Temporary registration of vehicle
  • Permanent registration of vehicle
  • Registration certificate renewal
  • Ownership transfer
  • Ownership transfer if finance covered
  • Issue No Objection Certificate
  • Address change On RC
  • Tourist Vehicle Permit
  • National Permit or Tourist Permit Authorisation
  • National Permit Grant
  • All India Tourist Vehicle Permit
  • Permit for Specific Contract Carriage for Regular Use
  • Special Permit Application
  • Permit for Goods Carriage
  • Measures for pollution control
  • Implementing safety measures

Jharkhand RTO List

 There are 24 RTOs working under the jurisdiction of Jharkhand Transport Department which is responsible to implement the laws of the M.V Act. The details of these RTOs are as below:

RTO Location RTO Code RTO Location RTO Code RTO Location RTO Code
Ranchi JH 01 Bokaro Steel City JH 09 Godda JH 17
Hazaribagh JH 02 Dhanbad JH 10 Sahibganj JH 18
Daltonganj JH 03 Giridih JH 11 Latehar JH 19
Dumka Jh 04 Koderma JH 12 Simdega JH 20
Jamshedpur JH 05 Chatra JH 13 Jamtara JH 21
Chaibasa JH 06 Garhwa JH 14 Saraikela-Kharsawan JH 22
Gumla JH 07 Deoghar JH 15 Khunti JH 23
Lohardaga JH 08 Pakur JH 16 Ramgarh JH 24

Vehicle Registration in Jharkhand

As we already know, having registered one’s vehicle is mandatory in India that can’t be denied. Jharkhand is a state with a thick forest belt, cultural heritage and waterfalls that easily attracts people from different parts of the country. That’s why if someone is planning to buy a vehicle in Jharkhand should keep in mind that it has to be registered with RTO Jharkhand without fail. The registration must be done within 15 days from the date of vehicle delivery by approaching the branch of RTO office.

There are some of the authorised dealers as well who also perform the responsibility of register a vehicle before delivering it. However, one can avail temporary registration card only which is valid for not more than one month. By any means, one has to apply for the permanent RC that is valid for 15 years. The process of availing permanent registration certificate requires paying a registration fee along with the other documents and submit the same to the RTO Jharkhand. The concerned officer will inspect the vehicle and will issue a registration number. The RC can be availed as Smart Card which contains the information such:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Registration date
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle colour
  • Chassis number of the vehicle etc.

The registration number will be given to the applicant within 10 working days. The original card will be delivered to the registered mailing address of the applicant.

Procedure of Registering Vehicles in Jharkhand

The vehicle registration process requires the vehicles to be inspected physically by the Registering Authority at RTO Jharkhand before allotting the registration number. The vehicle owner shall make an application to register the vehicle and submit along with the following documents

  • Duly filled Form 20
  • Form 21 Sales Certificate by the dealer
  • Form 22 Roadworthiness Certificate from the manufacturer
  • Valid insurance document of the vehicle only attested copy
  • Address proof of the owner (attested copy)
  • Form 34 signed by the financer in case of loan hypothecation
  • Payable road tax for one time
  • Application fee
  • PAN Card or Form 60 & 61(if required)
    Parking fees
  • Dealer’s and manufacturer’s invoice

Updating a New Address in Registration Certificate in Jharkhand

 If a vehicle owner wishes to update a new address, the same has to be initiatedd by applying in a form and submit with the following documents:

  • Form No. 33/Application form for change of address
  • Original copy of the registration certificate
  • Valid insurance (attested copy)
  • Attested copy of address proof of the owner
  • Valid pollution under control certificate (attested copy)
  • Applicable fee for the application (Rs. 50/370 for Smart Card)
  • PAN Card or Form 60 & 61(whatever is applicable)
  • No Objection Certificate is required in case of loan hypothecation, obtained from the financer
  • Change of address should be initiated within 14 days of change else, a penalty of Rs. 100 is applicable

Re-registration of Vehicles Bought from Another State

When a registered owner brings the vehicle from another state, the re-registration of the vehicle is required after obtaining a NOC from the RTO office, where the vehicle was registered. The re-registration can be initiated by filing an application and submitting along with the below documents:

  • RC from another state in original
  • Form 28 (NOC in duplicate)
  • Form 27
  • Form 20
  • Address proof (attested copy)
  • Valid insurance (attested copy)
  • Attested copy of PUC
  • Clearance slip of challan from the traffic police (commercial vehicles)
  • Fitness certificate (commercial vehicle)
  • Road tax
  • Applicable fee for re-registration
  • PAN Card or Form 60 & 61, if applicable
  • Parking fees

Process of Issuing Duplicate RC in Jharkhand

The registered owners can apply for a duplicate registration certificate in case the original one is damaged or lost. The application can be made by approaching the RTO Jharkhand and submit along with the following documents:

  • Form 26/application for duplicate RC
  • Original FIR copy in case of loss
  • Valid insurance document
  • Pollution under Control Certificate (attested copy)
  • Address proof of the owner (attested copy)
  • Applicable fee
  • Clearance slip of challan from the traffic police (commercial vehicles)
  • Tax slip from the Accounts Department (commercial vehicles)
  • PAN Card or Form 60 & 61(commercial vehicle)