RTO Kakinada

The AP Transport Department is the regulatory body in terms of policy formation and implementation of Andhra Transport system. The department was formed under the provisions of Motor Vehicles. RTO Kakinada is an important part of this department that is formed to carry out various responsibilities in order to provide efficient transport services.

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The department is headed by Transport Commissioner in terms of performing various activities. Among them issuance of registration card to the vehicles, driving license both learners and permanent, fitness certificate to the commercial vehicles, regular and temporary permits etc. are to name a few.

Functions of RTO Kakinada

The various responsibility areas of RTO Kakinada include:

  • Registering the Vehicles: The foremost responsibility of RTO Kakinada is to register various vehicles, issuing temporary and permanent RC to private and commercial vehicles within the state, issuing duplicate RC transferring vehicle ownership, issuing NOC in case of inter-state transfer, renewal of registration certificate, issuing fancy number etc.
  • Issuance of License: it is responsible to issue learner’s license, permanent license, duplicate license, renewal of license etc.
  • Permits to Commercial Vehicles: RTO Kakinada is authorised to issue permits to various vehicles such as car, auto rickshaws, bus, radio cabs, city cabs, private service vehicles, school/college buses, stage carriage, luxury cabs, good carriage permit etc.
  • Taxes: RTO Kakinada collects various road taxes such as border tax, toll tax, quarterly tax, short-term tax, tax exemptions etc.
  • Application Fees: It is the responsibility of RTO Kakinada to collect various fees regarding registration of vehicles. These fees include fee for vehicle registration, the fee for updating an address, the fee for transfer of vehicle ownership, the fee for issuing duplicate RC etc.
  • Penalties: RTO Kakinada collects the penalties paid in case of carrying invalid RC or driving without RC.

Details of RTO Kakinada

RTO Kakinada is one of the actively functional RTOs in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The RTO functions under the supervision of Transport Commissioner and ensures successful implementation of the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The detail of the RTO is given below:

RTO Name

RTO Location

RTO Code

RTO Kakinada


AP 05

How to Register a Vehicle with RTO Kakinada?

It is the responsibility of RTO Kakinada to register every vehicle plying on the roads of the city. The AP Transport Department has assigned the authority of registering vehicles to its various RTOs, which binds every vehicle owner to register his/her vehicle plying on the roads. The registration requires a simple application process, which can be initiated with RTO Kakinada by filling an application and submitting along with the supporting documents.

Documents Required for Registration in Kakinada

The vehicle owner has to submit the below documents along with the application form:

  • Form 20/application for registration
  • Form 21/Sales Certificate on the deal obtained from the dealer
  • Form 22/Roadworthiness certificate saying that the vehicle is perfect for driving on the roads or is at per the road safety norms
  • Form 22A/in case the body of the vehicle is fabricated separately
  • Valid address proof of the vehicle owner
  • Vehicle insurance document
  • Approval from STA on vehicle design in case of semi-trailer/trailer vehicle
  • Form 21/Original Sales Certificate in case of an ex-army vehicle
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate or PUC to be submitted
  • Customs bill in case of imported vehicles

Renewal of Certificate of Registration

Renewal of vehicle RC within 15 years from the first registration is imperative to drive freely. Usually, the registration certificate is valid for 15 years in case of private vehicles and two years for commercial vehicles. When the owner of a private vehicle can renew the RC for another 5 years, the commercial vehicle owners have to obtain the fitness certificate valid for one year. The application for renewing registration certificate can be made with RTO Kakinada by applying in Form no 25. The process should be initiated 60 days before the original RC card expires. A proper vehicle inspection will be done at the RTO point and after verifying the documents, the registration card will be renewed.

Documents Required for RC Renewal in Kakinada

  • Inspection of the Vehicle
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)

How to Issue Duplicate RC with RTO Kakinada?

An RC is legal proof of a registered vehicle. This Smart Card contains the information such as vehicle registration number, registration date, chassis number of the vehicle, model number etc. So, there is no scope of fooling a cop. Therefore it is essential to carry a registration card wherever he/she drives. And in case the original one is lost one can apply for duplicate one. To apply for a duplicate RC, an application shall be made with RTO Kakinada and submit along with the below documents:

Essential Documents to Issue Duplicate RC

  • Police FIR if it is a case of loss
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)

Updating New Address in RC in Kakinada

If a registered owner makes any change that may directly concern to the registration certificate, the same has to be updated on the RC as well. By saying that, whether there is a change in personal information such as change of address or other related changes, the vehicle owner has to update the same without fail. The process requires filling an application and submitting with the following documents. The application Form 33 can also be downloaded from the official website of Andhra Pradesh Transport Department.

Documents Required

  • Registration Certificate in original
  • Valid address proof of the vehicle owner

Registration Process in Case of Vehicle transfer to Another State

The Section 47, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, says that a vehicle needs to be re-registered or requires a new registration mark if bought from another state or being sent to a state other than Andhra Pradesh. The new registration mark can be obtained by applying in Form no 27, along with a NOC from the previous RTO of the state where the vehicle was registered. The duly filled form needs to be submitted along with the following documents. The re0registration must be done within 12 months from the delivery date of the vehicle:

 Documents Required

  • Registration Certificate
  • Valid address proof details of the owner
  • Insurance document of the vehicle
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Proof of paid tax payment
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned RTO of another state

How to Transfer a Vehicle Ownership in Kakinada?

Transfer of vehicle ownership is essential at the time of selling a bike or car. Through RC transfer, the previous owner ensures that all the liabilities on the vehicle are transferred to the new owner. The process of RC transfer can be initiated by filing an application and submitting to the RTO Kakinada. The supporting documents include:

  • Form 29 and Form 30/ as a the vehicle transfer application
  • Form 31/if the vehicle is transferred because of inheritance
  • Form 32/in case of a public auction
  • The original imprint of the chassis number of the vehicle
  • An affidavit stating about the deal between the buyer and seller
  • NOC from the financer to ensure loan hypothecation
  • Registration certificate in original
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Age proof of the owner
  • Address proof of the vehicle owner
  • Vehicle insurance document

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