Regional Transport Office (RTO) Mumbai

The Regional Transport Department of Mumbai (RTO Mumbai) was founded under the provisions of Section 213 (1) of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This is the supreme authority in case of laws applicable in terms of vehicles in India. RTO Mumbai implements these laws accordingly under the supervision of Commissioner of Transport Department of Maharashtra. RTO Mumbai is among the 50 RTOs in the state of Maharashtra, actively functioning under the jurisdiction of Maharashtra Transport Department.

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Functioning of RTO Mumbai


The MH RTO is responsible to carry out the provisions under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The areas of responsibility include:

  • Issuance of learner’s driving license
  • Renewal of Issued Licenses
  • Conducting Driving Test
  • Issuance of Duplicate driving license
  • Issuance of New Driving License (DL)
  • Issuance of temporary registration certificate
  • Issuance of permanent registration certificate
  • Renewing registration certificate
  • Transfer of the vehicle ownership
  • Transfer of ownership of vehicles with a loan
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) issuance
  • Updating new/changed address
  • Issuance of duplicate licenses for Radio Cabs
  • Collection of road tax
  • Issuing Tourist Vehicle Permit
  • Lading Bill
  • Issuing National Permit
  • National Permit for Public Carrier
  • Special Permit Application
  • All India Tourist Vehicle Permit
  • Service Permit for Specific State Carriage
  • Specific Contract Carriage Permit
  • Renewal of license for Radio Cab
  • Private Service Vehicle Permit
  • Permit for Goods Carriage
  • National Permit or Tourist Permit Authorisation
  • Permit for Specific Contract Carriage for Regular Use
  • PTA
  • Specific Stage Carriage Permit
  • Stage Carriage Services Permit
  • Temporary Permit

RTO Mumbai Details

Among the 50 RTOs in the state of Maharashtra, RTO Mumbai has 3 offices actively functioning in the different parts of the city. The RTO detail is given below:

Sl. No.

RTO Name

RTO Address

RTO Code

RTO Contac Details


RTO Mumbai (Central)

Regional Transport Office, Old bodyguard lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai - 400 034

MH 01

022 / 23532337


RTO Mumbai (West)

Regional Transport Office, 111-D, Ambivali village, New Manish Nagar, Versova Road, Mumbai- 400 053.

MH 02

022 / 26366957


RTO Mumbai (East)

Regional Transport Office, B-2, 3rd floor, Wadala truck terminals, Wadala, Mumbai - 400037

MH 03


How to Register a Vehicle at Mumbai RTO?

RTO Registration is must to ensure a smooth drive on the roads of India. The provisions of the M.V. Act 1988 have made it mandatory to register a vehicle, so the concerned RTOs of every state is responsible to provide registration cards for every vehicle. RTO Mumbai also issues RCs to every vehicle plying on the roads of the city. To register a vehicle with RTO Mumbai, one will need to fill an application form and submit along with the relevant documents:

Documents Required for Register a Vehicle in Mumbai

In order to register a new vehicle, one will need to submit the below documents to RTO Mumbai:

  • Form 20/vehicle registration application form
  • Form 21/sales certificate obtained from the dealer saying about the purchase
  • Form 22/roadworthiness of the vehicle obtained from the manufacturer stating that the vehicle is in the compliance with the standards of Indian roads
  • Form 34/for loan hypothecation
  • Invoice form the dealer
  • Insurance document
  • Address proof of the owner
  • Valid identity proof
  • Invoice if the vehicle is imported
  • STA approval of design in case of trailer vehicles
  • Manufacture’s certificate to register a carriage
  • Temporary RC number, if any
  • In case a vehicle is purchased in Mumbai and registered in another state, sales tax clearance certificate is needed
  • Proof paid road tax
  • Passport sized recent photographs of the owner
  • Applicable vehicle registration fee

Vehicle Registration Process in Mumbai

To initiate the registration process, one can opt for online process as well just visiting the official website of the RTO and submit the relevant documents with the application form online. The application fee also can be paid online and register the vehicle. If not, one can visit the nearest RTO Office and complete the formalities.

RTO Mumbai Permanent Registration Process

As we already have mentioned, a purchased vehicle must be registered within 7 days, apart from the days allotted with a temporary RC. The applicant will require the below documents to avail a permanent registration in Maharashtra:

  • Form 20/application for registering the vehicle
  • Form 21/sale certificate by the dealer stating about the purchase
  • Form 22/Road worthiness Certificate from the manufacturer
  • Form 22-A/in case the body of the vehicle is fabricated
  • Vehicle invoice
  • Temporary registration
  • Insurance documents of the vehicle
  • Address proof of the owner
  • Customs bill in case of an imported vehicle
  • STA approval in case of trailar or semi-trailar vehicles
  • Manufacturer’s certificate in case of commercial vehicle or carriage
  • Paid road tax receipt if the vehicle is purchased from another state

How to Renew a Registration Certificate in Mumbai?

Carrying a valid RC is essential to drive freely and avoid penalties in Mumbai. As the Registration Certificate is valid for 15 years in case of private vehicles and 3 years for commercial vehicles, the same needs to be renewed with the RTO Mumbai. RC can be renewed by simply filling an application form and submit the RTO Office. The application form must accompany the below documents to ensure a successful renewal of the RC.

Documents Required

  • From no. 25/ Application form for renewing the RC
  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle in original
  • Valid Insurance document of the vehicle
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Applicable renewal fee
  • The vehicle needs to be produced for inspection to the RTO Maharashtra
  • Upon verification of every document, RTO Maharashtra will issue the new Registration Certificate

Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle in Maharashtra

If a vehicle is bought from another state, the re-registration of the vehicles or transfer of ownership is required. The process can be done by approaching RTO Mumbai. For transferring the ownership one needs to fill Form no. 29 and submit along with the below documents to the Registering Authority in Mumbai.

  • Form 29 and 30 to transfer the ownership of the vehicle
  • Form 33 in case of an address change
  • Form AT and FT for initiation of the arrival of the vehicle/kept for use in the state
  • Form 28/No Objection Certificate from the financer in case the vehicle is bought on loan
  • Form TCR and TCA need to be submitted if it is a transport vehicle
  • An affidavit saying that the vehicle is not involved in any crime, accident previously
  • The vehicle owner or applicant has to furnish all the documents related to the vehicle as well.

Availing Duplicate RC in Mumbai

The registration card is the most essential document one can’t aviod carrying it whenever he/she drives the vehicle. Usually, the registration certificate contains the below information:

  • Registration Number
  • Date of registration
  • Chassis Number
  • Vehicle Model Number
  • Engine Number
  • Type of the vehicle
  • Seating Capacity of the vehicle
  • Colour of the vehicle

So, there is no way of fooling a cop. But what if this document is misplaced? Will someone afford driving without this? Certainly not, as driving without an RC can lead to a huge penalty. Well, the only solution is applying for a Duplicate RC.

Mumbai RTO issues duplicate RC to the vehicle owners if the original one is misplaced. All it is required o fill an application form and submit along with the relevant documents to RTO Mumbai. By providing certain information such as vehicle registration number, chassis number, name and address of the owner etc. the application process can be initiated. Moreover, one can down the RTO Mumbai app to avail services online as well.

Process and Documentation

The process of issuing duplicate RC in Mumbai involves:

  • A challan will be issued to the vehicle owner stating ‘RC Lost’
  • The applicant can download Form 26, fill and submit to the official website of RTOor physically submit it to RTO Mumbai
  • NOC from the financer in case of loan hypothecation
  • Photocopy of insurance document of the vehicle
  • Copy of driving license
  • Triplicate copy Form 26 with the endorsement of registering authority
  • Applicable fee to avail the duplicate RC

Process of Updating an Address in Registration Certificate in Mumbai

In case the owner of the registered vehicle changes his/her address, the same needs to be updated in the Registration Certificate as well. This requires to fill an application form and submit to the RTO Mumbai. The Registering Authority updates the new address in the RC Book within a stipulated time frame. The following documents are to be submitted along with the application form:

  • Duly filled Form 33
  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle
  • Address proof of the owner
  • Valid insurance copy of the vehicle
  • Proof of paid road tax
  • NOC from the financer if the vehicle is under loan hypothecation
  • Applicable fee for change of address

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Mumbai?

Mumbai being the dream city is a hub for many migrants from different parts of the country. The city also offers the most worthwhile standard of living. Luxury means more vehicles on the roads which increases the number of registered vehicles in the city. When Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory for registering every vehicle to the concerned RTO, insuring each one of them is equally important. After all, no one would like to drive an uninsured vehicle and pay penalties. Moreover, third party vehicle insurance is mandatory in India, which anyway binds one to have insurance.

Usually, motor insurance is of two types-

  • Third Party Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance

Section 146 of M.V. Act 1988 makes Third Party insurance compulsory in India. This policy offers optimum financial protection to the vehicle owner against any legal liability arises out of an accidental death, bodily injury or property damage to a third-party. It bears the expenses on the insured person, claimed by a third-party. The policy can be claimed if the accident results in the loss of income due to physical disability as well.

The comprehensive insurance is more extensive and optional cover. However, most of the time it is recommended by the experts as it covers both third party liability and own damage. With this, the insured can protect the vehicles against the damages caused by manmade or natural disasters.

There is no dearth of insurance policies in Mumbai availing which one can offer optimum protection to its prized possession. However, with plenty of available options, it may leave the insurance seekers in the state of confusion. Here comes online comparison, which helps one to come to a right decision. There are a handful of online aggregator websites, where one can compare the various insurance plans and buy the right one. These websites suggest the right plans as per the requirements of a buyer and this way one can land on an affordable deal as well.

Mumbai RTO FAQ's

What are the consequences of driving without a registration certificate?

Carrying a valid registration card is essential while driving your two-wheeler or four wheelers. Failing which will lead to considerable consequences- a huge penalty will be on you if a traffic cop catches you without an RC. Moreover, in case of an accident, if you don’t carry the RC, your insurer will not cover you.

In what circumstances a vehicle can be detained by the registering authority?

In most of the cases a vehicle can be detained by the registering authority if the vehicle owner drives it without a valid driving license, if it is driven without an RC or transport vehicle being driven without a valid permit or if a vehicle is being driven without paying the road taxes.

What is the punishment for driving under the influence of alcohol?

If a driver is caught driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol in his blood exceeding the minimum limit 30 mg per 100ml or he is under an influence of a drug or other substances he is liable to punishment- huge penalty to be paid. In some cases, imprisonment is there as well,

In what conditions my vehicle can be towed?

If a vehicle is left unattended or parked in a restricted area or if due to the parked vehicle cause inconvenience to the other users, the vehicle can be towed. The can be further collected by showing the relevant documents such as driving license, insurance document or paying the penalty.

How long a temporary registration can be used in Mumbai?

A temporary registration can be used in the initial 7 days from the date of delivery of the vehicle. However, it can be extended to a maximum of one month. After that, the vehicle owner has to seek permanent registration card.

How much is the penalty for late registration of vehicle?

If a person gets a vehicle re-registered after the due date, a late fee of Rs 500 per month is charged after the expiry date in case of private vehicles and Rs 300 per month for two-wheelers. The fine has to be submitted to the RTO.

How much is the fee for renewal of driving license in Mumbai?

The prescribed fee for renewing driving license in India is Rs. 200.

How to get registration certificate renewed?

In order to avoid penalties on road, a registration certificate should be renewed on time. A registration card is valid for 15 years only and the vehicle owner needs to be renewed by approaching the concerned registering authority. A form has to be filled and submitted to the RTO. The concerned officer will verify the documents. The registration number will be renewed after inspecting the vehicle

  The following documents will be required to renew the registration certificate:

  • Form 25, the application form for renewing the registration certificate, duly signed by the owner and financer in case of loan hypothecation
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle Insurance document
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Tax payment receipt
  • Proof of paid road tax
  • Applicable renewal fee
  • Vehicle inspection will be done at concerned RTO point