RTO Nashik

The Regional Transport Office of Nashik or RTO Nashik is formed under the provisions laid down in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The department is headed by the Commissioner of the Transport Department to perform the responsibilities such as registering the vehicles, collecting road taxes, issuing permits etc.

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Functioning of RTO Nashik

The RTO Nashik is accountable to carry out the provisions under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The various responsibility of RTO Nashik insluce:

  • Issuance of learner license
  • Renewal of Issued Licenses
  • Conducting Driving Test
  • Temporary registration of vehicles
  • Permanent registration of vehicles
  • Registration certificate renewal
  • Issue New Driving License (DL)
  • Issue Duplicate driving license
  • Ownership transfer
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Issuance of NOC
  • Updating new address to RC
  • Issue duplicate license for Radio Cabs
  • Tourist Vehicle Permit
  • Collection of road tax
  • Issuing national permit
  • Issuing National Permit for Public Carrier
  • Accepting Application for Special Permit
  • Issuing All India Tourist Vehicle Permit
  • Temporary Permit
  • Issuing stage Carriage permits
  • Permits for private service vehicles

Nashik RTO Details

There are 18 RTOs in the state of Kerala; Kollam is one of them. The RTO detail is given below:

The state of Maharashtra has 50 RTOs actively functioning in the different parts of the state. RTO Nashik is one of them, detail of which is given below:

RTO Name

RTO Address

RTO Code

RTO Details

RTO Nashik

Regional Transport Office, Peth Road, Panchvati, Nashik - 422 044



Types of Vehicle Registration in Nashik

Every state transport department requires the city RTOs to register every vehicle plying on the roads. Nashik is no exception where vehicles are registered either through temporary or permanent registration process.

  • Temporary Registration: Temporary registration is offered for a limited period which can be availed through the dealer at the time of purchasing a vehicle. Usually, temporary registration is offered for 7 days to maximum of one month, after which the owner needs to apply for a permanent registration certificate. The dealer will initiate the temporary registration process at online Dealer’s Point Registration by applying online and submitting the documents to the concerned RTO for approval.
  • Permanent Registration: As per the provisions of Vehicle Act of India, a vehicle must be registered within 7 days after its delivery. As temporary registration card is offered for a limited period and one can’t avail this for lifetime, applying for permanent registration is mandatory. A permanent registration is valid for 15 years, which needs to be renewed once it is expired. The application process can be initiated by filling a specific form and submit along with the required documents to the RTO Nashik. The permanent registration number will be allotted to the owner after verifying and doing a proper inspection of the vehicle.

How to Register a Vehicle with Nashik RTO

Similar to other states, the state of Maharashtra urges every vehicle to be registered once it is out from the showroom. The Transport Department of Maharashtra has assigned the responsibility of registering every vehicle to the city RTOs. Nashik RTO is responsible for registering all the vehicles driving in and around the city. The RTO functions under the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act 1988 which requires registering the vehicle by making an application on the Form no 20 and submit with the relevant documents:

Documents Required for Register a Vehicle in Nashik

In order to register a vehicle, the owner has to furnish the below documents:

  • Form 20/application form for vehicle registration
  • Form 21/sales certificate from the dealer
  • Form 34/if bought on loan
  • Insurance document
  • Address proof of the owner
  • Invoice form the dealer
  • Valid identity proof
  • Invoice if the vehicle is imported
  • Manufacture’s certificate to register a carriage
  • Temporary RC number, if any
  • DD of paid road tax
  • Applicable vehicle registration fee
  • STA approval of design is required in case of trailar or semi- trailar vehicles
  • Sales tax clearance certificate if the vehicle is registered with the another state RTO
  • Form 22/roadworthiness certificate from the manufacturer stating that the vehicle is in compliance with the road safety and perfect to drive on the roads

The Process of Registerring a Vehicle

In order to complete the registration process, one will have to visit the RTO Nashik and submit the application form along with the above-mentioned documents. The RTO officer will verify the documents and the vehicle and will allot a registration number. One can avail the registration numbers online as well by visiting the official website of Transport Department of Maharashtra.

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Nashik?

One must renew the registration certificate on time to avoid the unnecessary trouble on road. All private vehicles plying on the roads of Nashik are to be re-registered after a certain specific period with RTO Nashik. The re-registration process requires to dully fill an application and submit along with the required docuements:

  • Documents Required
  • Duly filled From no. 25
  • Original Registration Certificate of the vehicle
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Valid Insurance document
  • Application fee

The owner will need to produce the vehicle for proper inspection. The concerned RTO officer will inspect the vehicle and after verify everything, a new registration number will be allotted to the owner.

Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle in Nashik

If a vehicle is bought from a state other than Maharashtra, the re registration or transfer of vehicle ownership should be done on priority. The transfer of ownership can be done by approaching the RTO Nashik and make an application in favour of transfer of ownership.

Documents Required:

  • Form 33 in case of an address change
  • Form 29 and 30 to transfer the ownership of the vehicle
  • Form AT and FT
  • Form 28/No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the finance if the vehicle is bought on loan
  • Form TCR and TCA are required if the vehicle is bought for commercial purpose
  • An affidavit to prove that the vehicle is not involve in any accident, crime or theft
  • All other documents related to the vehicle

Applying for Duplicate RC in Nashik

In order to avoid penalties while driving one must carry a valid RC. By given that, if someone has lost his/her RC or worn out, the owner needs to be applied for a duplicate one. The process can be initiated by applying on a specific form and submit along with the relevant documents. The owner needs to furnish certain information such as vehicle registration number, model, name and address of the owner, chassic number of the vehicle, engine no. etc.

Process and Documentation

The process of issuing duplicate RC involves:

  • A challan saying ‘RC is Lost’ will be issued to the owner
  • The applicant will need to fill Form 26 and submitted to the RTO Nashik
  • NOC in case of loan hypothecation
  • Photocopy of insurance of the vehicle
  • Copy of driving license
  • Application fee

How to Update New Address on RC in Nashik?

A new address needs to be updated to the registration certificate right away. The process will require to make an application in form no 33 and submit along with the relevant documents to RTO Nashik.

  • Duly filled Form 33
  • Registration Certificate
  • Address proof of the owner
  • Valid insurance document
  • NOC from the financer in case the vehicle is bought on hypothecation
  • Proof of paid tax
  • Applicable fee

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Nashik?

Someone who is a resident of Nashik will surely have to own vehicle insurance as it is a mandatory requirement. Insure a vehicle is as important as registering it with RTO Nashik. When Third Party insurance is mandatory all over India, one can opt for comprehensive insurance that offers end-to-end protection to the insured vehicle. Apart from this, there are ad-on covers that provide extra protection. These covers can be opted along with the basic cover with an extra premium. For buying car or bike insurance n Nashik, the insurance seeker can approach the local insurance companies, either by visiting the branch offices or simply browsing over the websites. However, online comparison is must when it comes to buying or selecting a right plan.

Nashik RTO FAQ's

What is the eligibility to holding a driving license in Nashik?

The minimum eligibility for holding a driving license in Nashik are:

  • 16 years for two-wheelers not exceeding the cubic capacity 50cc
  • Permanent DLs are issued to the person attaining the age 18 years
  • To availing DL for transport vehicles the minimum age is 20 years
  • A valid learner’s license will be required
  • Minimum knowledge of traffic rules and regulation

I want to register my vehicle in Nashik. What are the documents do I required to register it?

In order to register your vehicle, you’ll have to visit the RTO office and make an application with the below documents:

  • Form 20, Application form
  • Form 21, Sale Certificate from the dealer
  • Form 22, 22-A Roadworthiness certificate from the manufacturer
  • Invoice
  • Temporary registration if any
  • PAN number of the applicant (Form 60/61, whatever is applicable)
  • Valid insurance document
  • Address proof of the owner
  • Custom bill in case of imported vehicles
  • STA design approval in case of a trailer or semi-trailer vehicles
  • Proof of paid road tax
  • Application Fees
  • In case of commercial vehicles, Form 22A is required if the vehicle body is fabricated

Who will need Temporary Registration?

Temporary registration is mandatory to drive the vehicle on the roads. In case of transport vehicle, temporary registration needs to be availed if it takes time to construct the vehicle body over the chassis. Non-transport vehicles are required to registered and owners are given with the temporary registration by the dealer. No dealer can deliver vehicles without registering it temporarily/permanently with the RTO.

How long my temporary registration will be valid?

Temporary registration will be valid for up to 7 days.

What is the renewal fee of a permit?

To renew a permit, the owner has to pay the application fee of Rs. 500 to the RTO.

Is RTO Nashik offers online services?

Yes, to avail the online services of RTO you can log in to the official website of Maharashtra Trasport department, choose the area of interest and avail the services online. You can also download the RTO Maharashtra App on the mobile to get these services instantly.

What is the basic requirement for availing international driving permit?

Countries those who have signed the UN Convention, IDP is necessary. To avail this you will need:

  • Form 4A
  • Valid driving license
  • Passport with supporting copies
  • Visa along with certified copies
  • Medical certificate in Form IA
  • Applicable application fee

The aforementioned documents need to be submitted to the concerned RTO. In order to grant the IDP, the applicant has to visit the office of licensing authority.

What is the fee for obtaining smart DL in Nashik?

A smart driving license can be obtained at Rs. 200 by approaching the licensing authority within the area.

To appear in the driving license test, do I need to pay any fee?

In order to appear in the driving license test in Nashik, you will have to pay Rs. 50.

What is the validity of DL issued for transport vehicles?

The driving license issued to transport vehicles is valid for 3 years.