RTO Noida

Noida regional transport office or RTO Noida is formed under the provisions of Indian M.V. Act 1988. The department functions under the authority of UP Transport Department ad headed by the Transport Commissioner. The main objective of the department is to register various vehicles plying in the region and ensure sufficient transport facilities to the common people. Apart from that, issuing driving learners to learners, issuing permanent DL, collecting road taxes, issuing permits to stage carriages etc. are some of the main responsibilities performed by RTO Noida.

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Functions of RTO Noida

  • Issuing NOC in case of inter-state transfer
  • Issuing registration certificates, both temporary and permanent
  • Implementing road safety methods
  • Vehicle inspection at the time of issuing registration number
  • Collection of all types of road taxes
  • Issuing driving license to learners
  • Issuing permanent DL
  • Issuing International DLs
  • Updating new address to RC
  • Conducting driving test
  • Renewal of registration certificate
  • Issuing Special permit

RTO Noida Details

RTO Name

RTO Code

RTO Address

RTO Contact Details

RTO Noida

UP 16

Sector 32, Opposite NTPC, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301


RTO Gautam Budh Nagar

UP 16

Asstt. Regional Transport Office, Gautam Buddh Nagar (Noida), Uttar Pradesh

0120- 2505556

How to Register a Vehicle in Noida?

In order to register a vehicle in Noida, one can follow the temporary or permanent registration process. However, temporary registration is offered only for a limited period and one must avail permanent registration card by approaching the concerned authority.

Temporary Vehicle Registration in Noida

Temporary registration can be done through the dealer at the time of buying a vehicle. This registration done via Online Dealers Point Registration system where the owner submits the documents to the dealer. The further formality is completed by the dealer itself that includes submitting the documents to the RTO Noida for approval and getting the temporary number. The dealer can’t deliver a vehicle without registration. However, temporary registration card can be used only for 7 days or a maximum of one month. After that one has to apply for the permanent RC card.

 The following is the rundown of documents required to be submitted for temporary registration

  • Form 20/application form for availing temporary registration
  • Form-21/Sales Certificate from the dealer stating about the deal
  • Form 22/ Roadworthiness Certificate from the manufacturer
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  • PAN card details or Form 60/61 (if required)
  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • Any of the address proof such as Ration Card, Voter ID Card, LIC Policy, Passport etc.

Availing Permanent Vehicle Registration in Noida?

Availing permanent registration certificate is essential to enjoy a smooth driving experience. In order to register a private vehicle, the owner shall make an application in Form no 20 and submit to the RTO Noida. A requisite fee has to be paid as well to register the vehicle. The various documents to be submitted include, sales certificate, roadworthiness certificate, insurance document, Id proof etc. after verifying the documents and inspecting the vehicle whether it is in compliance with the rules of road safety or not, the RTO officer will register the vehicle by providing a RC number. The RC number can be availed as Smart Card as well. The original card will be delivered to the registered address through post.

To register a private vehicle, the proprietor will need to fill an application in Form no. 20 and submit the same to RTO Lucknow. He/she will have to pay the required fee as well. The concerned RTO will inspect the vehicle and further verify the documents. The applicant will need to submit the sales certificate obtained from the dealer, roadworthiness certificate from the manufacturer, vehicle insurance documents or other relevant documents to complete the process. Upon verification, the RTO will register the vehicle and will allot the Smart Registration Number to the owner.

Required Documents:

  • Form-20 (one duplicate copy if the vehicle is bought on loan)
  • Form-21/Sales Certificate from the dealer
  • Form 22/ Roadworthiness Certificate from the manufacturer confirming the competency of the vehicle
  • PAN card details or Form 60/61 (if required)
  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • Any of the address proof such as Ration Card, Voter ID Card, LIC Policy, Passport etc.
  • Temporary Registration Certificate if required

Renewal of Registration Certificate in Noida

Once the registration certificate completes 15 years from the date of first registration, the same has to be renewed without fail. As one can’t afford carrying a valid RC or paying a huge fine, it’s better to renew the RC before it expires. To renew the RC, the vehicle owner can approach RTO Noida and fill an application form. The application must accompany with the relevant documents and a requisite fee. The concerned RTO authority will inspect the vehicle and finally will issue the renewed registration number to the owner. The documents to be submitted include:

  • Renewal application Form no. 25
  • Original Registration Certificate of the registered vehicle
  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • PUC Certificate
  • Applicable renewal fee

Process of Updating New Address in RC

When a registered owner changes its address, the same has to be updated to the registration certificate as well. Whatever the reason is, updating the new address is essential. One can apply for the same by filing an application and submitting along with the required documents:

  • Form 33/application for intimation of change of address
  • Form no. 33 (duplicate copy in case of loan hypothecation)
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate in original
  • Valid address proof
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the financer if the vehicle is on loan
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

Issuing Duplicate Registration Certificate in Noida?

A registered owner must not dare to drive a vehicle without valid registration certificate. That’s why if the original one is lost or damaged, a duplicate RC can be availed by applying to the RTO Noida. The applicant has to pay a definite application fee and submit the documents to the RTO office. Upon verification, the concerned authority will issue a duplicate RC. The following documents

  • Duly filled application Form no. 26
  • Police Report in case of lost
  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Noida

When the ownership of a vehicle needs to be transferred, the same can be initiated by approaching RTO Noida. Transfer of ownership is required if a vehicle is sold to another person. The owner has to make an application in Form no 29 and submit along with the following documents:

  • Form 29/ transfer of ownership application form
  • Form 30 in case the vehicle is purchased on loan
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Vehicle Insurance Document
  • Any of the valid address proof of the vehicle owner i.e. Voter Id, electricity bill, adhaar card, passport, Life Insurance document etc.
  • NOC in case inter-state transfer
  • Proof of paid road tax

Re-Registration of Vehicle Bought from Another State

A vehicle may be registered in another state earlier and has been moved to Noida. In such case, the re-registration of the vehicle is required with RTO Noida. However, if the vehicle is moved for a temporary period, there is no valid reason the re-register it. But if the vehicle is to be driven for longer period like 12 months or more, re-registration is essential. An application shall be made in this regard and submit along with the following documents:

  • Re-registration application Form no. 20
  • Form no. 27 for availing new registration number
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Proof of paid tax
  • Vehicle Insurance document
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the financier for loan hypothecation
  • Form 28/NOC from the concreted RTO officer if the vehicle is bought from another state

How to Avail Vehicle Insurance in Noida?

In order to drive freely and avoid any penalty on roads, one must ensure his/her vehicle is insured. Availing vehicle insurance in India is mandatory as per the rules laid down in the M.V. Act, 1988. Buying third party insurance is compulsory, while comprehensive insurance is optional which can be bought as per the requirement. There are add-on covers as well to increase the basic policy cover. Anyone buying insurance in Noida can approach the leading insurance companies actively functioning in the region.

As per the insurance experts, the coverage must be a combination of third party insurance and own damage cover, which is only available with Comprehensive Insurance policy. One can visit the official websites of the insurers and browse over the plans. Online insurance also aids the buyer with the benefits of online insurance where one can compare the plans on the parameters such as claim settlement ratio of the insurer, coverage, premiums etc. This was buying the right plan becomes easy.