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RTO Surat

The Department of Transport, Gujarat is formed under the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Section 213. RTO Surat comes under the jurisdiction of Gujarat Transport Department and is solely headed by the Transport Commissioner. The aim of this department is to ensure efficient transportation facilities to the public by performing the major responsibilities laid down in the M.V Act of India.

Functions of RTO Surat

The various functions of RTO Surat include:

  1. Driving License-
    • Organising driving test
    • Issuance of learner’s license
    • Issuance of new license
    • Renewal of DL
    • Issuance of international DL
    • Issuance of Motor Driving School license
    • Issuance of Conductor's License
  2. Registration of Vehicle-
    • Issuance of temporary and permanent registration certificate
    • Transfer of ownership in RC
    • Change of address in RC
    • Issuance of duplicate registration certificate
    • Entry or loan hypothecation in RC
    • Issuance of NOC in case of sending a vehicle to another state
    • Renewal of Trade Certificate
    • Issuance of Fitness Certificate for vehicles
    • Issue Permits
  3. Collection of revenues for the Government including :
    • Motor Vehicles Tax
    • IMV Fees Collection
    • DA (Departmental Action) Cases
  4. Vehicle inspection at the time of allotting registration numbers
  5. Environment safety and pollution control by encouraging
    • CNG/LPG Conversion and PUC Testing Centres etc.
  6. Promote road safety initiatives

RTO Surat Code & Address

RTO Name RTO Code RTO Address  RTO Contact Details
RTO Surat GJ05 RTO Office, Ring Road, Nanpura, Surat - 385001 0261-2464902

Types of Vehicle Registration in Surat

Like others cities in the state of Gujarat, Surat has two types of vehicle registration- Temporary Registration and Permanent Registration.

  1. Temporary registration is offered at the time of buying a vehicle by the dealer, which is valid for a limited time. The vehicle owner needs to apply for a permanent one within a given time. A person can drive a vehicle with a temporary RC not more than one month.
  2. Permanent RC is mandatory in India without which plying a vehicle is an offence and leads to a penalty. Registration certificate indicates that a particular vehicle is registered with the concerned RTO. That’s why every vehicle driving on the roads of Surat needs to be registered with RTO Surat. A one can apply for permanent RC by filling an application form and submit with relevant documents.

How to Register a Vehicle in Surat?

Vehicle registration in Surat can be done either online or offline. However, online registration is the most convenient way. To initiate the process, one can fill Form no. 20. Application form can be downloaded from the official website of RTO Surat. The authorised registering officer will inspect the vehicle and upon verification of every document, RTO Surat will allot a registration number.

Documents Required for Registering a Vehicle in Surat

The following documents need to be furnished in order to register a vehicle with RTO Surat:

  • Form 20/ Application form to register the vehicle
  • Form No.2/Sales Certification of Dealer
  • Form No. 22/Roadworthiness certificate given by the manufacturer stating
  • Address and ID proof of the owner
  • Insurance policy document of the vehicle to be registered
  • Custom clearance bill in case of an imported vehicle
  • STA approval on design in case of semi-trailer or trailer vehicle

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership

If a vehicle is bought or sent to another state, the ownership also needs to be transferred to the new owner. This process is called ‘RC Transfer’ which means every related liabilities are transferred to the buyer. All it requires to fill a form and submit to the RTO Surat. The process of transferring RC cab be initiated within 14 days from the date of selling the vehicle. A set of documents required to be submitted with the application form in order to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership:

Documents Required for Transferring Ownership

  • Form 19 and 30 need to be filled with a print of chassis number with a pencil
  • Form 31/ in case of inheritance change
  • Form 32/in case of a public auction
  • Original copy of Registration Certificate
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC)
  • Address and identity proof of the owner
  • Applicable fee for transferring the ownership
  • Applicable tax at 15% of the actual lump sum tax. If the vehicle is above 8 years, tax at 1% or Rs. 100 whichever is higher

How to Change Address in RC Book

Vehicle owner needs to change his/her address and the reasons can be manifold. However, irrespective of a reason, the same needs to be updated in the registration certificate as well. An application in this regards is required to be filed along with a set of documents which include the following:

  • Form no. 33 with chassis print
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the financer in case of loan hypothecation
  • Original RC Book of the vehicle
  • Insurance document of the vehicle
  • PUC Certificate
  • Address proof
  • Applicable fee for change of address

How to Get a Duplicate Registration Certificate

A duplicate registration certificate is required in case the vehicle owner losses the original one or it is damaged. Applying for a duplicate RC is easy. By filing an application form and submitting with relevant documents, one can easily avail a duplicate RC. The required documents include:

  • Police report in case of loss
  • No Objection Certificate obtained from the financer
  • Address proof of the vehicle
  • Insurance document
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Applicable fee for availing a duplicate registration certificate

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Surat

Being one of the first major trading centres in India, Surat is a sprawling hub famous for the trade of diamonds, textiles, diamond-studded gold jewellery manufacturing etc. The city is well-known for textile and silk industry as well. With various off-site offices of leading IT industries like Wipro, TCS, HCL, the city has started seeing a surge in the development in IT Sector. This affects the growth of the city transportation system as well. The growing rate of vehicle registration in the city has increased the demand for vehicle insurance as well. When the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, has made it mandatory for every vehicle owner to insure its vehicle, having vehicle insurance in Surat is equally important.

Motor insurance policy offers a complete protection to the insured vehicle against unforeseen circumstances. the policy comes with following coverages: 

  • Third Party Liability Cover
  • Own Damage Cover or Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance
  • Personal Accident Cover for the owner-driver, driver and passengers

There are add-on covers as well which ensure extra-coverage and financial assistance. By opting for such cover one can boost the basic policy cover. Add on covers like Zero Depreciation, NCB Protector, Key Protector, Engine cover etc. are worth one's money.

While buying a plan one should be careful of certain things that may influence one’s insurance decision. This includes the coverage of the policy, claim settlement process of the insurer, premium offered, features etc. it is advised to buy a plan after comparing all these factors. Online comparison helps the insurance seekers making an informed decision by sticking to their budget.