Regional Transport Office (RTO) Thane

Thane RTO comes under the jurisdiction of Maharashtra State Transport Department. RTO Thane is headed by Commissioner of Transport, Thane. The main job of the Thane RTO office is to implement various laws under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and register the vehicles on the roads of the city.

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The department is responsible for carrying out the provisions laid down in Section 213 of Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The RTO ensures safe and efficient transportation facilities to the common people.

Functions of RTO Thane


The various functions of RTO Thane include:

  • Conducting a driving test
  • Issuance of learners’ driving license
  • Issuance of new DL
  • Renewal of Driving License
  • Issuing International Driving License (DL)
  • Renewal of international driving license
  • Issuance of duplicate driving license
  • Registration of new vehicle
  • Renewal of registration certificate
  • Temporary/permanent registration
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Updating change in address in RC
  • Tourist permit for vehicles
  • Issue fitness certificate
  • Issueance of no objection certificate (NOC) in case of transfer of ownership
  • Collection of all types of road taxes and penalties
  • Issuance of temporary permit
  • Permit for goods carriage/stage carriage
  • Renewal or issuance of license for radio cabs

RTO Thane Details

RTO Thane is among the 50 operational RTOs in the state of Maharashtra. The detail is given below:

RTO Name

RTO Address

RTO Code

RTO Contac Details

RTO Thane

Regional Transport Office Opp. Central Jail, Thane - 400 601

MH 04

022 / 25363838

How to Register a Vehicle at Thane RTO?

In order to ensure a safe and smooth drive in the roads of Thane, one must follow the traffic rules and registering the vehicle is one of them. It is mandatory by the law of Vehicles Act 1988 as well. The process of registering a vehicle is simple yet important. One must fill an application Form named as From 20 and submit along with the below documents:

Documents Required for Register a Vehicle in Thane

In order to register a new vehicle, one will need to submit the below documents to RTO Thane-

  • Form 20/ application form for registering the vehicle
  • Form 21/sales certificate obtained from the dealer saying about the purchase
  • Form 22/roadworthiness of the vehicle obtained from the manufacturer stating that the vehicle is in the compliance with the standards of Indian roads
  • Form 34/for loan hypothecation
  • Invoice form the dealer
  • Insurance copy of the vehicle
  • Address proof/identify proof of the owner
  • Invoice is required in case of an imported vehicle
  • STA approval of design if it is a trailar or semi-trailar vehicle
  • Manufacture’s certificate to register a commercial vehicle
  • Temporary RC number, if it is registered temporarily already
  • Sales tax clearance certificate is needed if the vehicle is purchased from another state or vice versa
  • Proof of paid road tax
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Applicable vehicle registration fee

Process of Vehicle Registration in Thane

To ensure a hassle-free registration, one must follow the step-by-step process of registration. There are two types of registration, temporary and permanent registration. Temporary Registration of the vehicle is valid for a limited period, which can be availed at the point of dealers while purchasing the vehicle. The application process is done by the dealer itself and submitted to the concerned RTO office. The RTO upon verification of documents allots the temporary RC to the owner.

On the other hand, a vehicle needs to be registered permanently, even though the temporary RC is provided. A temporary RC is valid for 7 days only and the vehicle needs to be produced for inspection to the RTO office to initiate the process of availing permanent RC. An application form should be submitted along with other relevant documents to the RTO Thane to avail the Smart RC Card.

Documents Required for Availing Permanent RC in Thane

As one can’t drive the vehicle with a temporary RC for lifetime, an application should be made in order to avail the Permanent RC and submit to the RTO Thane with the following documents:

  • Form 20/application for registering the vehicle
  • Form 21/sale certificate by the dealer stating about the purchase
  • Form 22/Road worthiness Certificate from the manufacturer
  • Form 22-A/in case the body of the vehicle is fabricated
  • Vehicle invoice from the dealer
  • Temporary registration card, if any
  • Insurance documents of the vehicle
  • Address proof of the owner
  • Customs bill in case of an imported vehicle
  • If it is a trailar or semi-trailar vehicle, STA approval of design is required
  • Manufacturer’s certificate to register a commercial vehicle or carriage
  • Paid road tax receipt if the vehicle is purchased from another state

How to Renew a Registration Certificate in Thane?

Every registration certificate needs to be renewed after 15 years as the validity expires hereafter. The vehicle owner will have to fill an application form

Documents Required

  • From no. 25/ Application form for renewing the Registration Certificate
  • Original copy of the Registration Certificate
  • Valid Insurance document of the vehicle
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • To be paid renewal fee
  • An inspection will be done by the RTO officer
  • Upon verification of every document, RTO Thane will issue the new Registration Certificate

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Thane?

In case of a vehicle purchased from a state other than Maharashtra, it has to be re-registered with the concerned RTO of a particular city.

  • Form 29 and 30 to transfer the ownership of the vehicle
  • Form 33 in case of an address change
  • Form AT and FT for initiation of the arrival of the vehicle/kept for use in the state
  • Form 28/No Objection Certificate from the financer in case of loan hypothecation
  • Form TCR and TCA need to be submitted if it is a transport vehicle
  • An affidavit saying that the vehicle is not involved in any crime, accident former
  • The vehicle owner or applicant has to furnish all the documents related to the vehicle as well.

Availing Duplicate RC in Thane

If someone asks what is the alternative if the original RC has been lost. The answer will be applying for a duplicate one by appraching the RTO Thane. The process is simple which requires filling an application form and submit the same to the Registering Officier. Upon verification of the request and the documents, the Registering Authority will allot a duplicate RC to the vehicle owner. The application form must accompany with the below documents:

Documents Required for Obtaining Duplicate RC

The process of issuing duplicate RC in Thane involves:

  • The applicant will be issued with a challan saying ‘RC Lost’
  • Form 26 needs to be filled and submitted to the official website of RTO or physically submit it to RTO Mumbai.
  • NOC from the financer in case of loan hypothecation
  • Vehicle insurance document (photocopy)
  • Copy of driving license
  • Triplicate copy of Form 26 with the endorsement of registering authority
  • Applicable fee to avail the duplicate RC

Process of Updating an Address in Registration Certificate in Mumbai

The reason for changing an address can be manifold. One may relocate to another city or state, the new job change may compel him/her to change the address etc. well, whatever the reason is, a new address needs to be updated in the RC Book as well by filling an application with the RTO Thane. Moreover, without submitting the below documents, the application process is incomplete:

  • Form 33/application for change in address
  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle
  • Address proof of the vehicle owner
  • Valid insurance copy
  • Proof of paid road tax
  • NOC from the financer if the vehicle is under loan hypothecation
  • Applicable fee for change of address

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Thane RTO FAQ's

What is the RTO exam?

In order to become an RTO officer, the aspirants have to sit for an entrance exam which is called RTO Exam. Every state government is responsible to conduct this exam, applying their terms and conditions.

What are the responsibilities of an RTO officer?

The regional transport officer is responsible to perform numerous tasks. Starting from registering a vehicle to renew the RC, he/she performs every related duty. Apart from registering the vehicles, the other areas of responsibility include: issuing driving licence, issuing learner’s DL, renewal of DL, issuing permits to stage carriage, good carriage and international permits to the tourist vehicles, permits to transport vehicle, collection of road taxes, imposes penalties or fines, implementation of road safety measures etc.

What does DTO mean?

DTO stands for District Transport Officer.

What does RC Book mean?

RC Book means Registration Certificate of your vehicle.

What is Form 20 in RTO?

Form 20 is the application form for Registration of Motor Vehicle in India. This form needs to be duly filled and submitted to the RTO office in order to register your vehicle.

What is Form 28 in RTO?

Form 28 is an application that is used as No Objection Certificate while applying for a registration number.

What is Form 21 in the transport department?

Form 21 is the Sale Certificate, issued by manufacturer/dealer or officer of Defence Department.

Do I need NOC for paying road taxes?

No, you can pay without a NOC. But if the vehicle is bought from another state, you’ll require NOC within one year, get the vehicle re-registration mark by registering it in the new state.

Is it possible to pay vehicle tax online?

 Yes, vehicle tax can be paid online. Tax payment online can be done by visiting the official website of the respective state government transport department.

What is Form 22 in RTO?

Form 22 is associated with vehicle registration, which is given by the manufacturer of a particular brand. Form 22 states that the vehicle is in compliance with Pollution standards, road safety components and road-worthiness, so is perfect to take to the roads. At the time of vehicle registration, the owner has to attach this form along with the other supporting documents.

What are the documents required for No Objection Certificate ( NOC) for vehicle transfer?

To avail a NOC you’ll need:

  • Application on Form 28
    Original RC
  • Up-to-date proof of payment of Road tax
  • Valid insurance document of the vehicle
  • Crime Report of N.C.R.B
  • Copy of address proof

How can I delete the loan hypothecation and update the RC?

In case a vehicle is purchased on loan, and the same is repaid within a certain time span, the same could be updated in the Registration Certificate without a much hassle. To delete the loa hypothecation, you’ll require below documents:

  • Original registration certificate
  • Duly filled Form no 35
  • A statement from the financer stating about the receiving of the total amount
  • Copy of valid insurance document
  • Address proof of the vehicle owner
  • Pan Card (attested copy) or Form 60&61, whichever is applicable.

How can I get my vehicle registered temporally?

Temporary registration of vehicle can be done at registering authority, or e-seva or from the dealer at the time of purchasing. Usually, people prefer to avail it from the dealer as the formalities are completed from the dealer’s end. This card is valid for 7 days, within which, one has to apply for the permanent registration card.

The temporary RC can be availed by submitting the following documents:

  • Form 20, application form
  • Form 21, invoice from the dealer
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Paid tax proof
  • PUC

How to get renewed the registration certificate if it is expired?

A registration certificate needs to be renewed after 15 years form the first issuing date. To renew the RC, one has to apply with the concerned RTO along with the following documents:

  • Duly filled Form 25, renewal application From   
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Valid insurance document of the vehicle
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Proof of paid road tax
  • Applicable registration fee

After a proper vehicle inspection, the registration number will be renewed by the registering authority. The application for renewal of RC has to be made prior to 60 days from the actual expiry date of RC.