RTO Vadodara

The Regional Transport Department of Vadodara or RTO Vadodara comes under the jurisdiction of Gujarat Transport Department and functions under the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The department is mainly responsible for registering various vehicles plying on the roads of Vadodara. The other responsibilities include issuance of DLs, implementation of policies to control pollution, issuance of permits and so on. RTO Vadodara is headed by the Transport Commissioner who is also Head of the Transport Department of Gujarat.

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Functioning of RTO Vadodara

The various functions of RTO Vadodara include:

Vehicle Registration

Transport Dept. of Vadodara involves:

  • Temporary vehicle registration
  • Permanent vehicle registration
  • Refresh registration
  • Transferring vehicle ownership
  • Issuance of no objection certificate (NOC)
  • Application for change of vehicles
  • Registration of private/public vehicles
  • Cancellation of registration
  • Renewal of registration
  • Issuance of duplicate RC 

Issuance of License

  • Issuance of learner’s license
  • Issuance of permanent driving license
  • Endorsement in DL
  • Renewal of driving license
  • Issuance of duplicate driving license
  • Issuance of international driving license
  • DLs for the differently abled person
  • Cancellation of driving license 

Issuance of Permits

RTO Vadodara involves in

  • Issuing permits for all types of vehicle plying on the city roads
  • Permit for goods carriage
  • Permits for passengers and school buses
  • Permit for stage carriage
  • Permit for private service vehicles
  • National permit for goods carriage
  • Tourist permits
  • Permits of radio taxies, maxi cabs etc.

Tax Collection

  • Collection of various road tax
  • Decides the structure of the tax
  • Decides the applicable tax rate
  • Appeal or revised structure of the tax
  • Measures to keep pollution under control 

Introduction of Safety Measures

  • Ensures the safety of all the vehicles driving on the roads
  • Introduces safety measures for the drivers or passengers such as wearing a helmet, following traffic signals etc. 


  • Implementation of possession of vehicles
  • Implementation of the duties and rights of the vehicle owner
  • Implementation of punishment for the criminals for violation of traffic rules

Track of Data

  • Keeping the track of every vehicle-related data
  • Data of registered vehicles in the RTO/ARTO
  • Data on issuance of registration
  • Data on issuance of PUC certificate, permits, DLs etc.

Address and Code of RTO Vadodara

There are 36 offices including RTO and ARTO in the different locations of the state of Gujarat, where RTO Vadodara is one of them. The location is:

RTO Name RTO Code RTO Address RTO Contact Details
RTO Vadodara GJ06 RTO Office, Near Golden Chokdi NH 8, Darji Pura,
Vadodra - 390006
0265- 540016

How to Register a Vehicle in Vadodara?

In order to drive a vehicle freely on the roads of Vadodara, every vehicle owner needs to register their cars or bikes with RTO Vadodara. The process includes:

  • To register a vehicle, the applicant has to fill and submit the Form no 20 to the RTO Vadodara. The concerned Form can be downloaded from the official website of the Gujarat Transport Department.
  • Sometimes a vehicle inspection will be done by the authorised car/bike dealer in the city. If not, then the concerned RTO will do the needful
  • Upon receiving the application form along with the documents, the RTO official will allot a registration number to the owner. One can avail the preferred number as well on payment of an extra fee.
  • The computerised RC number is offered after the registration process is completed
  • The same will be intimated to the vehicle owner through SMS or emails. The Smart RC Card is sent through speed post to the registered address of the vehicle owner.

Documents Required for Registering a Vehicle in Vadodara

To register a vehicle in Vadodara, the applicant needs to furnish the below documents at concerned RTO along with the application form:

  • Form No.21/Sales Certificate from the dealer
  • Form 22/ Roadworthiness certificate from the manufacturer
  • ID proof and recent photos of the vehicle owner
  • Address proof
  • Insurance policy of the vehicle
  • Customs bill is required in case of an imported vehicle
  • Form 22 (II), if the vehicle is not body build
  • Receipt of paid tax
  • Age certificate, if required

How to Avail Permanent RC in Vadodara

Driving a vehicle without a valid RC may lead to huge penalties. Registration Certificate indicates a particular vehicle is duly registered with the concerned RTO. RC can be availed as Smart Card which contains the following information:

  • Registration Number of the vehicle
  • Registration date
  • Engine number of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Chassis Number
  • Colour of the vehicle
  • Type of the vehicle
  • Seating capacity of the vehicle
  • Model Number

That goes without saying that it is impossible to fool a cop, so registering a vehicle is a must in India.

The process of getting permanent RC copy

In order to avail a Permanent Registration Card, the applicant has to fill Form no 20 and submit the RTO Vadodara. If the owner is allotted with a temporary RC then the request for the Permanent RC needs to be sent before the Temporary RC expires. If the vehicle is bought on loan, the applicant will require to submit the required proof as well. The owner can select the registration number and the usages of HSRP/smart card. Finally, on payment of the registration fee and submission of the relevant documents, a permanent registration number is allotted by the RTO Vadodara.

Documents Required to Avail Permanent RC Book

The documents to be produced are:

Form 20/application form to get a permanent registration number

Form 21/Sales Certificate containing all the details of the sale of the vehicle obtained from the dealer

Form 22/Road Worthiness Certificate obtained by the manufacturer stating that the vehicle is at per all norms of road safety and perfect for plying on the roads

Form 22/in case of a fabricated vehicle

Address proof of the vehicle owner

A copy of design approved from the STA is required to be furnished in case of a trailer or semi-trailer vehicles

If the vehicle belonged to army previously, the Sales Certificate needs to be submitted to the RTO Vadodara

How to Get a Temporary RC in Vadodara

A temporary registration card can be availed by the vehicle owner from the dealer at the time of purchasing the vehicle. This RC is valid until he/she gets the permanent one. As the name suggests, Temporary RC is offered for a limited period, within which the owner needs to apply for the permanent RC and register his/her vehicle with RTO Vadodara.

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Vadodara

A vehicle can be registered for 15 years only. After that, it needs to be renewed for another 5 years. The responsibility of renewing the RC is given to the concerned RTO of a particular city or state. In Vadodara, one has to approach the RTO Vadodara to renew an RC. The process demands to submit an application to the RTO office along with relevant documents such as:

  • CMV Form No. 25
  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle
  • Receipt of paid Road Tax
  • Insurance copy of the vehicle
  • Any of the proof of address

On submission of aforementioned documents, the concerned RTO will do a vehicle inspection. After verifying everything, the RC will be renewed and given to the vehicle owner.

How to Get a Duplicate Registration Certificate in Vadodara

In case the original RC is lost or misplaced, the owner can apply for a duplicate copy of the same. The process can be started by applying in an application form and submit the same to the Vadodara RTO. The below documents are required to submit along with the application form:

  1. Police report in case of loss
  2. No Objection Certificate obtained from the financer if the vehicle is bought on loan
  3. Address proof
  4. Insurance Document
  5. PUC Certificate
  6. The applicant needs to pay a fee of Rs. 30 for bike and Rs. 100 for a car in order to avail the duplicate RC copy

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership in Vadodara

Transfer of vehicle ownership is essential when a vehicle is purchased or sold outside the city or state. This process is called RC Transfer. Thorugh RC Transfer, the previous vehicle owner can ensure that every related liability is transferred to the buyer. The process can be initiated by making an application to concerned RTO. The RC transferee should be initiated within 14 days of the delivery of the vehicle. The applicant has to submit a set of documents in order to complete the process. These include::

Documents Required for Transferring Ownership

  • Form 19 and 30 need to be filled with a print of chassis number with a pencil
  • In case it is a change via inheritance, Form 31 is required
  • Form 32is required if the change is due to public auction
  • Registration Book in original
  • PUC certificate
  • Vehicle insurance document copy
  • Address and identity proof of the owner
  • The applicable RC transfer fee of Rs. 30 for bike and Rs. 100 for cars needs to be paid
  • Applicable tax

How to Change Address in RC Book in Vadodara

The reasons for changing address could be manifold. He/she may have changed the job or relocate to somewhere else. Whatever it is, the same has to be updated on the RC Book as well. To do so, the vehicle owner has to make an application to the RTO Vadodara and submit along with the following documents:

  • Form 33 along with chassis print
  • Original RC Book
  • PUC Certificate
  • Address proof of the owner
  • NOC from the financer in case of loan hypothecation
  • Vehicle insurance copy
  • Applicable change of address fee as per the state govt. rules

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Vadodara

India is home to countless vehicles, which indicates the prolific growth of the motor industrial sector. Every year, the manufacturers come with a new model and designs to attract the consumers. With the growing rise of vehicles, the popularity of motor insurance has also been growing at a rapid pace.

In India, motor insurance being mandatory by the law, every vehicle owner urges to avail one. Though insurance is a familiar term, the ratio of registered vehicles and insured vehicles still shows a huge gap. Motor insurance comes handy in case of an emergency that may arise out of an accident or damage to the vehicle due to man-made or natural disasters. During this situation, the out-of-pocket expenses can cost you a bomb. With a vehicle insurance, one can mitigate those unplanned expenses that arise all sudden.

Vadodara is the centre city in Gujarat for commercial and industrial deals. The rising economy due to urbanisation has impacted on the lifestyle. People start earning well and prefer to live a luxurious life. This fuels up the numbers of vehicles plying on the roads of the city. But it also has its sheer contribution to road accidents. Hence, those who are living in Vadodara should ensure their vehicles are surely insured with a valid motor insurance cover. One can buy coverage such as

  • Third Party Liability Cover
  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Comprehensive Cover with an Add-on

However, it is recommended to compare every single policy rather zeroing down randomly.

Vadodara RTO FAQ's

Can I keep a duplicate copy of RC book while driving?

It is advised to keep the original copy of registration certificate while taking the vehicle out on the roads. You can keep the photocopies at home. It is illegal to drive without an original RC.

Is Interchange of Registration No to another vehicle possible?

No, interchange of the registration number is not allowed. That means, one vehicle will have only one registration number and no other vehicle can be associated with this number.

What is the rule to be followed relating to" Transfer of Vehicles"?

In case a vehicle is bought from another state to be used for more than one year, the re-registration of the vehicle is essential, despite it is already registered with the RTO of the other state.

Who can avail Permits?

Any registered owner of a commercial vehicle can avail a permit. However, the terms and conditions can be applied as per the government rule.

What is the penalty against violation of permit terms and conditions, especially by the stage carriage buses?

The action taken by the STA as per the provision of Motor Vehicles Act against these offenders is either suspension or cancellation of vehicle permit.

What are different types of permits available in India?

Six types of permits are functional in India:

  • Private Service Vehicle
  • Goods carriage
  • All India Permit for Tourist Vehicle
  • Contract Carriage
  • Stage Carriage
  • Educational Institution Bus

What’s the Procedure of Availing New Vehicle Registration Number?

The procedure of availing new vehicle registration requires physical inspection of the vehicle at RTO office. The vehicle owner has to fill an application requesting for the recitation number and submit along with the supporting documents, which include:

  • Duly filled Form 20, registration application form
  • Form 21, sales certificate obtained from the dealer, stating about the deal
  • Form 22, Road Worthiness certificate from the manufacturer, stating that the vehicle is in compliance with pollution and road safety terms
  • Valid insurance policy of the vehicle (attested)
  • Address proof of the vehicle owner
  • Form 34 duly signed by the owner and the financer
  • Proof of paid Road tax
  • Prescribed registration fee
  • Valid Fitness Certificate, in case of commercial vehicle
  • PAN Card or Form 60 & Form 61 (as applicable)

What is the validity of Temporary Registration Card?

Usually a temporary registration card can be used for 7 days, however, it is extendable. The used can extend the validity up to one month by making an application. In the case of a transport vehicle, the validity can be extended some more period with the consent of registering authority. As it takes time to construct the body of the vehicle over the chassis in case of a commercial vehicle, the temporary registration is required for an extended period.

When Should I Register my New Vehicle with the Concerned RTO?

You will require registering the newly bought vehicle with the RTO within 7 days from the date of delivery. Until then you can use the temporary registration card while driving.

When Do I need a Vehicle re-registration Mark?

If a vehicle is bought from another state to kept or be used for more than one year, it has to be reregistered with RTO Vadodara. A re-registration mark will be generated after completion of required formalities with the Registering Authority. Only after being re-registered, the vehicle can be driven freely.

When Does a NOC require?

At the time of transferring the RC or getting the re-registration mark for the vehicle bought from another state, NOC is required from the concerned RTO, with which the vehicle was registered previously.