Maruti Suzuki Omni Car Insurance

Omni was launched by Maruti Suzuki in the year 1985 and proved immediate success for the company. It started as a family car used to carry whole family. The manufacturer made up gradation to the model about a decade back and since then there has been no change in the car. The van or the MPV (multi purpose vehicle) as it is called is used for business these days. It is used for ambulance purposes or for business such as courier companies.


Omni last witnessed any update about a decade back which is why the car lacks from features that all other cars in the segment possess. The box shaped design has become synonymous with Omni. The car has sliding doors which is unique in itself, rear hatch tail gate, front bumpers, large rear windscreen, and tail lamps. The tail gates are chrome plated as well.


The box shaped design proves spacious and provide enough room inside the car. There is enough leg room in the front as well as at the back row. There is an option of 5 seater and 8 seater. The upholstery used in the car is of superior quality and is dual toned adding more elegance to the interiors. It has cup holders for front as well as rear passengers.


Displacement                     796 cc

Max power                        34.7@5000

Transmission                     5 speed MT      

What to opt for Insurance

As Maruti Suzuki Omni lacks from any safety features, or any other technologically advanced features, it is better to buy complete insurance plan that will make your driving more relaxed.