Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire Tour Car Insurance

In order to meet demand of the old version of Swift Dzire, Maruti launched Swift Dzire Tour in order to cater taxi and fleet market. The car is available in two variants i.e. petrol and diesel but is only offered in Lxi petrol and Ldi diesel version.


The design of the vehicle is completely same as the older version. Moreover, in order to cut down costs, the car is offered in black coloured bumpers, but it comes along with standard features such as air conditioning and power windows.


The vehicle has enough boot storage in order to cater taxi market. The total capacity of the boot is 440 litres capable of handling luggage for longer journeys. The interior upholstery is not the same as it used to be simply to cut the costs while durable materials are used everywhere so that car can sustain in the taxi market.

What to opt for

As Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire does not boast of any modern and technologically advanced feature, it is better to buy complete insurance plan as it will be economical and will provide coverage against every potential risk.


Displacement           1248 cc

Power                     75 ps @ 4000 rpm

Cylinders                 4

Transmission            5 speed MT