RTO Kollam

Kerala Transport Motor Vehicles Department is devoted to carrying out the provisions of the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, which is the supreme act in terms of the transport system. RTO or regional transport office is an indispensable part of the transport department of every state. RTO Kollam comes under the jurisdiction of Kerala Transport Department, which look after the transport related functioning and ensure sufficient facilities to the people. RTO Kollam is supervised by the Transport Commissioner for implementing the rules laid down in the Act 1988. It also keeps a track of every vehicle plying on the roads of the city and makes sure that every vehicle is registered.

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Functioning of RTO Kollam

The various functions of RTO Kollam include:

  • Registration of vehicles plying on the roads of Kollam
  • Issuing temporary and permanent registration
  • Issuing driving license
  • Conducting a driving test for learners
  • Approving fitness certificate to commercial vehicles
  • Inspection of vehicles at the time of registration
  • Collecting road taxes
  • Collecting penalties and application fee
  • Issuing national permits
  • Permits to stage carriage
  • Issuing international driving license
  • Issuing tourist permits

RTO Kollam Details

There are 18 RTOs in the state of Kerala; Kollam is one of them. The RTO detail is given below:

RTO Name

RTO Address

RTO Code

RTO Contact Number

RTO Kollam

Civil Station, Anandavalle-swaram, 695013



Types of Vehicle Insurance in Kollam

There are two types of vehicle insurance in Kollam; Temporary and Permanent registration. While temporary registration is valid for a limited period, one can use the permanent RC up to 15 years.

Temporary registration: It is a type of registration which can be availed at the time of buying a vehicle through the dealer. Temporary registration is valid for a minimum period.

Permanent Registration: As one can't drive with a temporary registration number for life time, registering the vehicle with the concerned RTO and availing permanent RC is essential. In order to avail a permanent RC, an application should be made with the Registering Authority and submit along with the supporting documents. After verifying the application and documents, a permanent registration number is allotted to the vehicle owner.

How to Register a Vehicle in Kollam

Vehicle registration is must in every state and cities. Kollam is no exception. The Motor Vehicles Act urges every vehicle owner, be it private or commercial, to register the vehicles with RTO Kollam. To fulfil the registration process, one has to fill the Form 20 and submit to the RTO office. He/she can make a registration application online as well by visiting the official website of the Kerala Transport Department. A vehicle inspection will be done at the RTO point. All the relevant document must be attached with the application form and submit to the RTO Kollam. After a thorough verification, respective RTO officer will allot a registration number. The computerised registration number can be availed once the registration process is completed. Registration number can be used as Smart Card which is sent through the post.

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration with RTO Kollam

To register a vehicle the below documents are to be submitted

  • Duly filled application Form No. 20
  • Vehicle Sales Certificate in Form No. 21
  • Form 22 obtained from the seller
  • Vehicle insurance document
  • PUC Certificate
  • Passport sized photos of the owner
  • Address proof
  • Temporary RC (if any)
  • Customs bill in case of an imported vehicle
  • Application fee

Renewal of Vehicle Registration Certificate

Renewal of registration certificate after 15 years of first registration is imperative. Without this, one can’t drive his/her vehicle freely on the roads. In order to avoid a challan, carrying a valid RC is important. That is why one must renew an expired RC as soon as possible. The process of renewal can be initiated by approaching the RTO Kollam and filling an application form. The RTO officer after an inspection of the vehicle and verifying the documents will renew the registration card.

Documents Required:

  • Application Form No.25
  • RC of the vehicle
  • PUC Certificate of the Vehicle
  • Insurance document of the vehicle
  • Paid road tax receipt
  • Address proof of the applicant

Process to of Getting Duplicate RC in Kollam

In case of loss or damage to the original registration certificate, a vehicle owner can apply for duplicate RC. An application needs to be submitted along with the required documents:

Documents Required to Obtain Duplicate RC

  • Application in Form no. 26
  • Vehicle insurance document
  • Fees payment receipt
  • Police FIR copy
  • An affidavit from the owner stating that the RC has been lost

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Kollam

If a vehicle owner transfers the ownership to another person, it is called ‘RC Transfer’. RC transfer is done if a vehicle is sold. Sometimes in case of inter-state transfer of the vehicle, apart from the transfer of ownership, the re-registration of the vehicle is also required.

To transfer vehicle ownership, the below documents are to be submitted:

  • Application in Form No.29 and Form No.30
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  • No Objection Certificate (in case of inter-state transfer)
  • Insurance document of the vehicle
  • Applicable fees
  • Passport sized photos of the seller and buyer
  • Road tax clearance certificate

In case of death of the registered owner, the transfer of RC requires submitting the below documents to complete the process:

  • Form 31
  • Death certificate of the vehicle owner
  • RC of the Vehicle
  • Proof of succession
  • Passport sized photos
  • Insurance document

Updating Address in Vehicle Registration Certificate

Whether it is due to a job change or relocation, a change in address needs to be updated to the registration certificate without fail. The process will require filing an application and submitting to the RTO Kollam, along with the following documents:

  • Application Form No.33
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the financer for loan hypothecation
  • Chassis print
  • PUC Certificate
  • Vehicle RC
  • Address proof
  • Insurance document
  • Application fee of Rs.20

Applicable fee for Registering the Vehicle within the State

As per the rule of Motor Vehicles Act 1988, the vehicle owner has to pay certain fees in order to register its vehicles successfully to any of the RTOs functioning within the state of Kerala. However, the charges are affordable, except for the road tax. We’ve compiled a list of applicable fees to initiate the registration process:

  • Registration fee: The recent amendment of Motor Vehicles Act in the year 2017, has introduced certain changes in terms of application fees. The registration fee has been increased up to Rs. 600 for private vehicles, while it is Res 1000 from commercial vehicles. An additional fine is introduced in case of delay in applying for RC, ranging from Rs. 200-240 (delay up to 3-6+ months). The complete list of the fee is available on the official website of Kerala Transport Department.
  • Road Tax: Every vehicle owner needs to pay road tax in order to drive a vehicle. M.V Act has introduced different slabs for paying the tax, receipt of which needs to be attached along with the other documents at the time of registering a vehicle.
  • Hypothecation Charges: if a vehicle is bought on loan, the owner is bound to pay an additional charge in order to process the hypothecation. The charges may differ from state to state. One can check with the concerned RTO to know the charges.
  • Cost for Number Plate: High-security number plates can be avail by paying a certain fee ranging from Rs. 230 to Rs. 400.

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Kollam

Kollam is one of the beautiful cities in Kerala, scenic beauty of which is an attraction to many. The breathtaking picturesque view of the sea, mesmerizing beaches, never-ending coastline, calm backwater lake etc. make this place worth visiting. The place brags for recreational activities, wildlife and backwater activities and ancient temples that represent the rich culture. Those who are blessed to reside in this enchanting place and own private vehicle should insure it right away. Though commercialisation has still not reached every part of the city, there are some of the insurers that are actively providing services. One cam approach online or offline to buy two wheelers or four wheeler insurance. Moreover, insurance companies these days offer the benefits of online comparison. One just needs to search for “Car insurance or Two Wheeler insurance in Kollam”. The online comparison also can be availed by approaching an aggregator website which helps to compare on the grounds like claim settlement ratio, premium, coverage etc. Through these websites, one can avail the right plan after thorough research at an affordable rate.

Moreover, before buying one should analyse his/her insurance requirement as well. The minimum insurance to be availed is Third Party insurance that covers the insured against legal liabilities arising for injury, damage or death of a third person due to an accident when the insured vehicle is at fault. However, this policy doesn’t cover own damage. If someone wishes to buy an extensive coverage then he/she go for Comprehensive Insurance that offers optimum insurance protection against own damage or damages caused by natural and man-made disasters.

One can opt for various add-on insurance plans such as roadside assistance, NCB protector, zero depreciation etc. and enhance the basic policy cover. However, never buy a plan focusing on the premium only. A plan may come with a low premium. Nevertheless, there is no point of buying a plan that offers insufficient coverage. That’s why before zeroing on a plan, one must analyse the coverage and premium offered.