RTO Telangana

The transport department of Telangana operates under the provision of section 213 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1998. The main objective of the Telangana Regional Transport Office is to make sure that the laws of transportation and regulations are being implemented and enforced according to the provision of Motor Vehicle Act, 1998 and Telangana Motor Vehicle Taxation Act.

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With road safety and pollution control, the Telangana RTO also issues Driving License, Registration Certificate (RC), and fitness certificate to the vehicles.

Functions of RTO Telangana:

The major responsibilities of the RTO Telangana are:

  • Registration – The trade certificate, permanent registration, temporary registration, renewal, ownership transfer, reassignment, address change, fresh registration certificate, no objection certificate, registration code, registration display, vehicles categorization, etc.
  • License – Issuance of permanent license, learner license, renewal, additions of class license, duplicate license, and an international driving permit.
  • Permits – Renewal and issuance of permits, issuance of duplicate permits for luxury cabs, auto-rickshaw, motor cabs, radio cabs, prepaid taxi, city cabs, bus. Issuance of permits to school buses or educational institutional buses, goods carrier, and stage carriage.
  • Issuance of Fitness Certificate to Vehicles – The issuance of fitness certificate to transport vehicles and issuance of temporary fitness certificate.
  • Collection of Motor Taxes – The RTO is also responsible for collecting quarterly taxes, green tax, lifetime tax, countersignature tax, composite tax, short-term tax, border tax, and looks into the tax exemptions.
  • Penalties Collection – Levying compounding and prosecution taxes.
  • Fees Collection – Collection of license fees, pollution testing, etc.

Telangana RTO List

The below-mentioned table contains the list of RTO offices in Telangana along with the codes and addresses:

RTO Name RTO Code RTO Name RTO Code
RTO Adilabad TS-01 RTO Mancherial TS-19
RTO  Karimnagar TS-02 RTO Komram Bheem Asifabad TS-20
RTO Warangal Urban TS-03 RTO Jagityal TS-21
RTO Khammam TS-04 RTO Peddapalli TS-22
RTO Nalgonda TS-05 RTO Sircilla TS-23
RTO Mahaboobnagar TS-06 RTO Warangal Rural TS-24
RTO Ranga Reddy  TS-07 RTO Jayashankar Bhupalpally TS-25
RTO Medchal-Malkajgiri TS-08 RTO Mahabubabad TS-26
RTO Hyderabad Central Zone TS-09 RTO Jangaon TS-27
RTO Hyderabad North Zone TS-10 RTO Bhadradri Kothagudem district TS-28
RTO Hyderabad East Zone TS-11 RTO Suyrapet TS-29
RTO Hyderabad South Zone TS-12 RTO Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district TS-30
RTO Hyderabad West Zone TS-13 RTO Nagarkurnool TS-31
RTO Reserved for Hyderabad TS-14 RTO Wanaparthy  TS-32
RTO Sangareddy TS-15 RTO Jogulamba Gadwal TS-33
RTO Nizamabad TS-16 RTO Vikarabad TS-34
RTO Kamareddy TS-17 RTO Medak TS-35
RTO Nirmal TS-18 RTO Siddipet TS-36

Types of Vehicle Registration in Telangana

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1998, it is strictly prohibited in Telangana and across India to drive any vehicle on the roads without registering it with the relevant RTOs. This is the reason, it is mandatory for every vehicle owner of Telangana to register his/her bike or car with RTO of Telangana. The registration can be of two types and the process for both is mentioned below:

Permanent Registration: According to the Motor Vehicle Act, every vehicle running on the roads has to register with the Regional Transport Office. This registration is known as Permanent Registration under which, the vehicle is registered for 15 years. The owner of the vehicle also gets the RTO Telangana registration number. After completion of the tenure, it has to be renewed for the further years. To get permanent registration, the owner of the vehicle has to provide certain documents.

Temporary Registration: The owner of the vehicle gets temporary vehicle registration number from the dealer of the vehicle at the time of purchase. However, the owner has to get the vehicle registered within 30 days of issuing the temporary license.

Vehicle Registration Process in Telangana

The owner of the vehicle has to make an application for the registration in Form20 to the Registration Authority within one week from the delivery date of the vehicle excluding the period of the journey along with the following documents:

Documents Required for Permanent Vehicle Registration in Telangana

  • Sales certificate in Form 21
  • Valid Insurance Certificate
  • Certificate of roadworthiness in Form 22 given by the manufacturers (Form 22A from the builder of vehicle’s body)
  • Address proof (Ration card or electricity bill, etc.)
  • For ex-army vehicles, the original sales certificate issued by the concerned authorities in Form 21
  • For Trailer and Semi-Trailer copy of design approval of STA
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • For imported vehicles, the owner needs to provide customer clearance certificate
  • Tax according to APMVT Act
  • Fess as specified in Rule 81 of CMV rules

Documents Required for Temporary Vehicle Registration in Telangana

The application to get Temporary Vehicle Registration is made in Form 20 as per the Motor Vehicle Rule, 1989 mentioned for registration and marked under ‘Temporary’ Act to the Registration Authority or to the dealer who is dealing in the sale of New Motor Vehicle Recognized by the Transport Commissioner. It is not necessary to fill the items 23 to 32 of this Form.

Extension of Temporary Registration: An application has to be sent to the Registration Authority for the extension of Temporary Registration extension. This application must specify the period up to which the extension is required and must have a Temporary Registration Form C.R. team.

List of Documents:

  • Sales certificate’s copy in Form 21.
  • Valid insurance certificate’s copy.
  • Roadworthiness certificate's copy in Form 22 from the manufacturer of the car (Form 22A given from the bodybuilder).
  • Pollution under control certificate.
  • Address proof’s copy.
  • In case of Trailer and Semi-Trailer, the copy of design approval of STA.
  • In case of Ex-Army vehicle original sales certificate’s copy given from the concerned Authorities.
  • Tax according to APMVT Act.
  • For imported vehicle customs clearance certificate’s copy.
  • The fee payable for temporary registration or for its extension will be Rs.15/- unless it is exempted (according to Rule 89 of APMV rules).

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Telangana

An application to renew the registration certificate in Telangana must be made in Form 25 not more than 2 months (60 days) of its expiry. The fees shall be paid for the renewal and must be as specified in Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989 to the Registration Authority under whose jurisdiction the vehicle comes in.

Documents required for Renewal of Registration Certificate in Telangana

  • C. book
  • Vehicle
  • Pollution under control certificate

A process to Update the Address in Registration Certificate in Telangana

In case of address change:

An applicant can apply for address change in his/her registration certificate in Telangana. For this, the applicant has to make an application in Form 33 by duly paying the fees of Rs.20. Below mentioned are the requirements for the same:

  • Registration Certificate
  • Address Proof

In case of removal of the vehicle to another state:

According to section 47 of Motor Vehicle Act 1988, a new registration number is provided to the vehicle, if it is being moved to another state. The application has to make on Form 27 of CMV rule with N.O.C. being made under section 48 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 issued in Form 28 of CMV rules 1989.

A time of one year is given for re-assignment of the vehicle under the Section 47 of the Motor Vehicle Act. The requirements for the same are:

  • Registration Certificate
  • No-Objection Certificate
  • Residence Proof
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Tax Payment

Issuing Duplicate Certificate of Registration in Telangana

An application shall be made in Form 26 for the issue of a duplicate certificate of registration in Telangana. If the vehicle is covered by Finance / On Lease / Hire Purchase then the financer must sign the Form 26. The owner of the vehicle then must pay the appropriate fee as per the Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 to the Authority responsible for Registration and in whose jurisdiction the vehicle is in. The following documents are as well required:

  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Police Certificate

Ownership Transfer

The RTO of Telangana carets to the following three situations of ownership transfer:

In Normal Case:

  • Whenever the ownership of the vehicle is transferred, the transferor must mention the cause of transfer in Form 29 to the authorities responsible for registration in whose jurisdiction the transferee and transferor have their business places or reside.
  • An application for transferring the ownership of the vehicle under the following sub-clause:
    • Of the clause (a) of sub-section (1) of Section 50 must be made by the transferee in Form 30 and that must be accompanied by:
      • The certificate of registration
      • The certificate of insurance
      • The fees as mentioned in Rule 81
      • PAN card if the vehicle is four wheeler
    • An application for issuing ‘No Objection Certificate' must be made in Form 28 (in triplicate) in the favor of Registration Authorities under which the vehicle was previously transferred or registered. This must be done by affixing non-judicial court fee stamp of Rs3/ with the following documents:
      • A non-objection certificate provided by the registering authority in the sub-section (3) of section 48. Or
      • An order was given by the registering authority refusing the grant of no-objection certificate in the sub-section (3) of section 48.
      • Where the order or no-objection certificate as per the case may have not been received. A declaration given by the transferor stating that he/she has not received any communication of this kind together with:
        • The receipt got by the registering authority where the application in favor of no objection certificate has sent by post.

In Case of the Death of the Owner:

When the vehicle’s owner dies, the person who is going to succeed the possession of the vehicle may use this vehicle for the period of three months without getting it transferred to his/her name or as if he/she has transferred it. However, after this period or anytime before that, when this successor informs the registering authority about the death of the owner and his/her intention of using this vehicle, must:

As per the sub-rule(1), this person must apply in Form 31 within the period of three months to the registering authority regarding the ownership transfer and must present it with the following documents:

  1. The insurance certificate
  2. The registration certificate
  3. The death certificate of the owner and his/her relationship with this registered owner
  4. Fees as specified in rule 81

In case of Auction of the vehicle:

A person who has acquired or purchased this vehicle in some public auction conducted by the Central or State government or its behalf must make the application in Form 32 at least within one month of taking the possession of the motor vehicle to the Registering Authority along with the following documents:

  • Fees as mentioned in Rule 81.
  • An order or certificate confirming the vehicle’s sale in the favor of the current owner with the sign of the person in authority for conducting the auction.
  • Registration certificate and insurance certificate
  • A certified copy of the State or Central Government responsible for the vehicle’s auction.

If this vehicle that is being auctioned does not have any registration mark or has registration mark but is found false on verification, then the registering authorities must give a new registration mark to this vehicle as per section 44 in the favor of the Central or State Government's department responsible for the auctioning of the vehicle. After that, the record of the entries stating the transfer of the ownership of this vehicle with the name and address of the person to whom this vehicle is sold in the auction must be given.

Note: It must be taken care that the vehicle is in the name of the State Government or Central Government and it should not be transferred by the concerned authority responsible for registering without verifying the auction’s proceedings or concerned vehicle’s disposal.

How to Change the Address on Certificate of Registration in Telangana?

If the owner of the vehicle wants to change the address mention in the certificate of registration, then he/she must provide an application to record the residence address change. This application shall be made in Form 33 by the owner by paying the fee of Rs20/. Below mentioned are the requirements for the same:

  • Registration certificate
  • Address proof

If the vehicle is moving from one state of another:

In this case, as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1989’s section 47, the application must be made in Form 27 along with the No-Objection Certificate mentioned in section 48 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 issued in the Form number 28 of Motor Vehicle Act 1989.

A time of one year is given for re-assignment of the vehicle as per the section 47 of Motor Vehicle Act. The requirement of the documents, in this case, is mentioned below:

  • Certificate of Registration
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Residence Proof
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Tax Payment
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate

RTO Telangana FAQs

Why does one need a Driving License?

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, a valid Driving License is required in order to drive a vehicle on the public roads.

How long is the Driving License valid in Telangana?

The driving license to drive non-transport vehicle in Telangana is valid for twenty years from the issue date or until the license holder attains the age of fifty years, whichever is earlier. After that, the driving license is renewed after every five years. However, the driving license for transport vehicle is valid for three years from the date of renewal or issue of the license.

How to obtain a Learner’s License in Telangana?

The applicant of Learner's License must appear personally in front of the authority with the below-mentioned documents: • Application Form number 2, which is available with the department only. • Age proof and it must be appropriate for the relevant class of vehicle which the applicant is intending to drive. • Rs.50 fees for each class of vehicle. • Residence proof like Ration Card, Telephone or Electricity Bill, etc. that has the name of the person applying for a license. • Medical Certificate in Form Number 1A, whenever required. • Applicant’s three passport size photographs. • If the applicant is going to drive a Transport vehicle, then he/she must apply that in Form Number 8 and get a permanent driving license for his/her Light Motor Vehicle at least for 1 year.

How to get the certificate of fitness for the vehicle?

Mentioned below are the requirements to get the new/renew certificate for fitness: • For Transport Category Vehicle, C.F.A. form is required and for non-transport category vehicle, other relevant Forms are needed. • Form C.F.A. to renew the Fitness Certificate if the vehicle is transporting vehicle. However, if the vehicle is a non-transport vehicle, then see the Renewal of the Registration of the vehicle process. • Physical inspection of the vehicle by the inspecting authority. • Receipt of the tax payment. • Insurance certificate. • Pollution Under Control certificate, if the vehicle is older than 1 year. Note: • The vehicle must be in good condition if it comes under ‘Non-Transport Category'. The condition of the vehicle can be decided as good according to Form 20 and 21 or other relevant documents prescribed by the Act and Rules of MV. • The fitness certificate of institutional vehicles like School Buses is renewed in every one year with cut-off time on 31st May. • The transport category vehicle should comply with the provisions of the APMV Act, MV Act, and Rules that are made under a particular category of vehicle for the purpose of using in public place. • If the CRFF is issued, then the applicant has to bring the vehicle after rectifying all the defects in it.

What are the requirements to get a Duplicate Fitness Certificate?

Following are the requirements to get a Duplicate Fitness Certificate: • The Duplicate Fitness Certificate is issued on the loss or destruction of the original one. • This certificate is marked as Duplicate in red. • The Duplicate Fitness Certificate is valid throughout India. The validity of Duplicate Fitness Certificate: • The validity of fitness certificate for a non-transport vehicle is equal to the validity of the registration, i.e. 15 years for a new vehicle from the issue date and 5 years for others from the renewal date of the registration. • The certificate of fitness is valid for 2 years for the transport vehicles which are new and it is one year for others from the renewal date of the fitness.

How to reach out to the customer care of Telangana Transport?

The RTO/DTO wise information is provided on the official website of Telangana Transport Department’s website.
From where the forms related to the registration of vehicle be available in Telangana?
All the forms related to the registration of the vehicle and other transport related services offered by the Transport Department of Telangana are available on the website of the Telangana Transport Department. However, if one wants, he/she can obtain these forms from RTO or DTO office as well.

What are the criteria to apply license for a two-wheeler in Telangana?

The minimum age to apply for a two-wheeler license is 16 years; however, it is to ride a non-geared bike in India. Apart from the age, the applicant must submit the consent of the parent along with the learning license's application. However, to get the license to ride geared bike or two-wheeler in India, the applicant must be of 18 years.